Maybe God Has A Better Plan

I bought a PC (HP Envy 700) two years ago and upgraded to Windows 10 and it gave me such trouble — repeated blue screens of death even when I spent about $200 on a premiere tech repair facility nearby and completely reset the computer, wiping all of my files — I had to ship it away to the repair center last May. I will never buy HP again.

Staring into the evening void without a computer at home, I started going to additional 12-step meetings (beyond my first program, which I started in May of 2011) and they’ve transformed my life. From my first meeting in one new program, I started getting a new outlook on my financial life. My therapist noted that my body language changed. My mood changed. My speech changed. I was more confident about solving some of my problems.

So maybe there is something to that notion that God directs our lives. If my computer had not broken down, I would not have gone to these new 12-step programs, even though I had been thinking about going for a couple of years.

The past couple of weeks, the dreaded blue screen of death is back. I’m getting the critical_structure_corruption message (after updating my HDM drivers, a common problem) and when I tried to return my computer to an earlier date, I got the dreaded 0xc00021a error and couldn’t boot up. So then I reset my whole computer, going back to its original settings and disabling all apps. Now it’s working great.

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