NBC Says You Can Watch All Events Live Through Its Sports App

But the app does not work on PCs.

I don’t want to watch on a tablet or iPhone. I want to watch on my big screen computer monitor. I guess I need to get Chromecast.

By the way, because of the Olympics, I started the $25 a month Sling subscription and I am happy with the app. I can watch on my PC and wherever I go. Unfortunately, my Sling subscription does not yet authenticate access to the NBC sports app on my iPad.

Decider reviews the NBC Sports app:

The NBC Sports app on Roku employs the same random organization as the Xfinity channel guide — or least as I remember it from my cable days — with an endless scroll of channels arranged in no particular order. That isn’t a good way to figure out what to watch on TV or what’s happening in the Olympics.

There have been issues with NBC’s programming, too, and most notably with gymnastics. None of the live feeds of the men’s qualifying rounds on Saturday and women’s qualifying rounds on Sunday had audio commentary, and the Daily Dismount recap shows after both were willfully obscure about the outcomes…

The presentation has been a mess, though, and I’m not turning cartwheels about the gymnastics coverage.

The app got terrible reviews and a minute into viewing my 30 minute free without authentication, the picture froze. Somehow the commercials ran fine, but the real event froze. OK, I restarted the app and I am watching the ending of the women’s marathon. Three East African women are leading. Imagine my shock.

I’ve watch many matches of the women’s soccer even though the quality of the play is below that of Under 15 boys.

What happened to girl power? Australia’s national women’s soccer team the Matildas lose 7-0 to an under FIFTEENS boys’ side

Australia’s national women’s soccer team have suffered a devastating defeat in the lead up to the Rio Olympics – going down 7-0 to the Newcastle Jets under-15 boys side.
What is particularly concerning for the Matildas is that despite resting some regulars, they were still able to field experienced international stars including former AFC player of the year Katrina Gorry.
Despite the embarrassing defeat on Wednesday night at Valentine Sports Park in Newcastle, the Australian team will travel to Brazil as one of the gold medal favourites…

Egmond said that the Matildas are often forced to play against boys teams as trying to find quality female opposition can be difficult.
It may not be the first time that the Australian team have suffered a heavy defeat against school boys with claims that they were ‘smashed’ by an under 16 Sydney FC team last year circulating.
The social media reaction to the defeat has been condemning with many claiming that the result is not good enough for a team that is expected to challenge for a medal at the Olympics.

I’m ecstatic that Sling TV has added the NFL Network to my subscription at no extra charge.

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