Why Are the Koch Brothers on the Warpath Against Law and Order?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It makes perfect sense if you’re as rich as the Kochs. First off their ilk is rich enough to be immune from the predations of the “no collar” criminals. Secondly they are merely looking out for their kind of sociopath – which is rich and wears a expensive suit and loots the little people.

It’s no different than Zuckyberger supporting open borders. He has his massive estate with a platoon of guards along with several others in secret locations around the world from which to operate. If things go belly up it’s just a matter on evacuating on his private plane.

The point is, what appears insane or treasonous to us helots doesn’t appear so for the elite. They simply have the resources to negate it and party on.

Of course there is a downside if the rule of law vanishes. In that case it’s the guy with the guns who makes the rules and gets the gold. IOW there is nothing stopping the head of security from capping his fat, old, degenerate charges and spreading the spoils among the other guards.

* The other angle here is to increase the labor supply. Granted, most cons aren’t going to be suitable workers, but some will be, and with fewer options, they will be willing to work for little money.

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