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Andy Nowicki’s New Novel – The Insurrectionist (7-15-21)

00:00 Andy Nowicki’s new novel, https://www.amazon.com/Insurrectionist-Andy-Nowicki-ebook/dp/B09881NYM9 02:00 Andy Nowicki is AltRightNovelist.com, https://altrightnovelist.com/ 05:00 COVID-19 and PCR Testing, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/21462-covid-19-and-pcr-testing 17:00 Reductions in 2020 US life expectancy due to COVID-19 and the disproportionate impact on the Black and Latino populations, https://www.pnas.org/content/118/5/e2014746118 55:00 … Continue reading

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Tucker’s Allegations About Voter Fraud

So, @LukeFord, anything to say about this? CC: @TheRalphRetort https://t.co/D1ivPPPxb1 — Joseph Ford Cotto (@JosephFordCotto) July 15, 2021 There are a few people who I always take seriously when they pronounce on something (such as Christopher Caldwell, Andrew Gelman, Stephen … Continue reading

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In Defense of Gossip

Kelsey McKinney writes in the New York Times: In my earliest memory of being an insufferable gossip, I am 5 years old. I am at the top of a very tall playground slide with a friend, both of us cross-legged, … Continue reading

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