Tucker’s Allegations About Voter Fraud

There are a few people who I always take seriously when they pronounce on something (such as Christopher Caldwell, Andrew Gelman, Stephen Turner, Nathan Cofnas, Steve Sailer). Tucker Carlson is not one of them.

I have nothing as yet to say about this claim by Tucker because I know nothing here beyond what Tucker alleges. While so far I have not been convinced of claims of massive voter fraud claims, this might be the first one! Time will tell. I’ll change on a dime with evidence.

My dad said he never knew anyone who changed his mind as often as I did.

When the facts change, I hope I change with them. Also, the facts may stay the same but my values may change. For example, I place more importance on social cohesion/trust than I used to in my more free market days (I have shifted from libertarian tendencies in my youth to paleocon in my old age). Paul Gottfried and Kevin Michael Grace among others shifted me. I used to think that parenting mattered more than genes. I used to think that religious observance made people better and that atheists were untrustworthy. I used to be obsessed with arguing that my religion was the one true one. I used to think the 12 steps were for losers. I used to think that self-compassion was stupid. I used to think I was usually the smartest guy in the room.

Michael Beckley and Peter Zeihan changed my mind on the direction of the 21st Century. I used to be more pessimistic about America’s trajectory.

Does everything disappoint and disgust you? It might be about you. There is so much beauty and greatness around us and inside us to praise and appreciate. Good job, Fordy, and that’s more God’s success than mine.

Social media tends to fuel our loathing, but we can choose who we follow and support.

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