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The Business Of Church

A friend responds to this post: One of the great things about many 18th century novelists (Balzac, Dickens, Trollope) is how much you learn about the societies and businesses in which the novels are set. I hadn’t realized until I … Continue reading

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The Changing Temptations Of Science

Stephen Turner published in 2020: The idea of science as a spontaneous order produced by autonomous individuals following their best hunches, the core of the liberal theory of science, became less an accurate description than an expression of nostalgic regret. … Continue reading

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Leaving Academia: Loss Grief and Healing

Lisa Munro writes in 2017: I’ve been out of academia for two years, having finished my PhD in 2015. I think I’m finally on the road to healing. I often joke that leaving academia feels like the worst break up … Continue reading

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Beyond The Academic Ethic

Philosopher Stephen Turner published this essay in 2019: * the German academic system of the late nineteenth century, which became the model for the modern research university… * Harvard University, for the first three centuries of its existence, was essentially … Continue reading

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F. Roger Devlin Interview (6-21-21)

I first interviewed Roger Devlin in 2015 (MP3). Out of everyone I’ve interviewed in my life, I don’t recall feeling as intimidated as I did when calling Mr. Devlin in August of 2015. Here is a partial transcript of the … Continue reading

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