The New Power Elite (6-29-21)

00:00 The New Power Elite: Inequality, Politics, and Greed,
03:00 Milo’s conversation with Roosh,
06:00 The New Power Elite: Inequality, Politics and Greed,
15:00 Milo sounds less gay
16:00 When Experts Are Wrong,
18:00 Expert Failure by Roger Koppl,
25:00 Balancing the power of expertise,
50:00 Colin Liddell joins,
51:00 We discuss race and soccer
52:00 Colin’s Twitter feed,
56:30 John McAfee
58:50 Cyber currencies
59:45 Does Joe Biden have agency?
1:02:00 When Richard Spencer visited Tokyo in 2016
1:05:30 Tokyo Trial,
1:06:00 Has Japan come to terms with WWII?
1:10:00 Japan will host the OIympics,
1:15:00 Japan’s emperor,
1:21:20 China
1:22:30 Lab leak hypothesis
1:29:40 Lauren Southern,
1:32:00 Secession – USA v China
1:34:30 British politics
1:38:10 Boris Johnson
1:41:10 The Great Replacement,
1:42:30 F. Roger Devlin,
1:45:00 Jack Donovan,
1:50:30 Tucker Carlson
1:52:00 Military historian JFC Fuller,
2:21:50 Tucker Carlson on illegal immigration

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