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What’s The Reward For Despair?

My premise for this blog post is that we tend to see the world as we are more than as it is. I notice many Trump supporters are black-pilled about Trump and about the future of the United States. I … Continue reading

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America Under Siege

Comments at Steve Sailer: * George Floyd:- On fentanyl – Heart disease- Used meth- Hypertension- Cocaine addict- Having a heart attack- Resisted arrest- Refused to get in the car- Ambulance called- Restrained (dangerous due to fentanyl)- Dies (Thanks to Stefan … Continue reading

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Rod Dreher: Language, Memory, & Soft Totalitarianism

Rod writes: “A professor pointed out to me today that one theme of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four that’s becoming quite relevant today is how the most oppressive regime of control does not apply to the proles, but to members of the … Continue reading

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Why Do People Over-Schedule?

I notice that many people have a compulsion to be frantically busy. What do they get out of overscheduling themselves? * It enables them to detach from reality and to live in fantasy. They can imagine that they are supermen, … Continue reading

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