America Under Siege

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* George Floyd:-

On fentanyl –

Heart disease-

Used meth-


Cocaine addict-

Having a heart attack-

Resisted arrest-

Refused to get in the car-

Ambulance called-

Restrained (dangerous due to fentanyl)-


(Thanks to Stefan Molyneux)

* It’s interesting that all those seemingly crazy things the “gun nuts” said all these years turned out to be 100% accurate. It’s only a matter of time before the thugs come to a suburb near you and you can not count on the government to protect you.

* We don’t know that Chauvin’s knee killed Floyd. The city coroner in fact found no evidence of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation.

Floyd could have died from the fentanyl that was in his system. He could have died of a heart attack from the struggle of resisting arrest. He could have died from police pressure on his torso. But you don’t know how much pressure was being applied and in any case police officers have a right to pin a suspect who is resisting arrest.

You don’t know what police procedures there are, and you don’t know all the circumstances of the arrest, so you aren’t in a good position to judge competence.

You don’t know whether the officers intended to harm Floyd. In fact, most of the evidence indicates that they did not.

What did Minneapolis police guidelines allow for? (They permit neck restraints in some circumstances.). Was pressure on his neck the cause of death? How much pressure was there and on what part? If the knee was hurting Floyd, was the officer aware of it? What considerations did the officers weigh in deciding whether to pin Floyd?

* If the Democrats think they can overthrow Trump with these protests, they’ll run into a couple problems.

First, mass rioting, crime, and violence will alienate many Whites and even quite a few immigrants. However, Biden will be under a lot of pressure to sympathize with the rioters. So a “tough on crime” Republican would have an advantage in such an atmosphere.

Second, if there’s mass COVID spread after this, Trump can blame the protesters.

* These inchoate protests are not the foothills of a coup d’etat. No one is trying to take over radio stations, no police force or military unit has defected to the other side. The protest movement holds no territory and is defending no no-go areas. Trump is most unlikely to share the fate of Gaddafi.

There is hardly even a coherent agenda to reform police training or police immunity laws.

The Democratic Party has no need to foster a coup, because it is very likely to win in a landslide in the November election, in spite of failing to persuade enough Republican senator members of the jury to jump ship in the recent impeachment trial.

* The Democratic party has more than just one black tail wagging the white liberal dog. They now have every non straight-white-male identity group demanding that their interests are promoted and if they are not they are prepared to throw a fit. This has left them with nowhere to go but attack whitey.

If the Democrats are to get 51%, of the vote and gain power they cannot afford to lose even one identity group which means that they are hostages to even the most whimsical or unreasonable demand which is why the rhetoric is getting more strident. They have no room to negotiate with the Republicans. Worse, when your livelihood revolves around government largess, the risk of losing concentrates the mind.

Get used to this. It is more than the coalition of malcontents. It is structural. The sooner the white and Jewish elites in the Democratic party are toppled, the sooner we can see this for what it really is.

* There are a number of unique factors in the current riot scenarios.

–Young people who make up most if not all rioters have been cooped up for months

— No sports either live or on TV, radio, no concerts, shows, nightclubs, dances, bar hopping, movies

— Socially mandated (or legally) mask wearing; normally this is considered illegal in public, especially in protest situations. psychologically wearing masks/disguises makes the wearer feel more powerful and anonymous, thus free from inhibitions and lessens punishment

— Extremely emotional video trigger. The specific facts tend not to matter in these

— Warmer weather draws out night people; colder, wet weather keeps them inside

— Public applause for “protests” turns into tacit approval for looting, at least from a distance

— Normal political campaigning has been short circuited by the Pandemic shutdowns, so the video inflamed passions are the primary emotional outlet

— Generic frustration and pessimism caused by the Pandemic and endless lockdowns/depression advocacy have left a lot of the public in an emotional vacuum. Striking out randomly or cheer-leading rioting creates a sense of “doing something.”

— Ultimately the political effect will be very mixed. Fear tends to drive voters to be more conservative. Who will be the safe choice? Will being pro-black/anti cop simply mean pro criminal?

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