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Alt Right Torah Talk: Parasha Terumah (Exodus 25:1–27:19)

This week’s Torah portion is Terumah (gifts). * Is President Trump doing enough to combat anti-Semitism? Are Jews doing enough to combat anti-Gentilism? Anti-Semitism is a bit like not wanting trannies in your bathroom. * This week’s Torah portion is … Continue reading

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The Crisis For Conservatism

The crisis for conservatism, whether in Australia or Canada or America, is that it does not conserve anything. It is cucking (creating a sound currency for other races to enjoy when they take over your country). Conservatism should first be … Continue reading

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How’s Trump Doing?

I think President Trump is doing fine. He’s doing the things I like. He’s good for my people. Comments at Steve Sailer: * 1. Trump needs to do better than to base his speeches on his previous night’s TV viewing … Continue reading

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RCC Tries To Force Man To Give His Wife A Jewish Divorce (Get)

I don’t know anything about this case. Let’s say the woman prefers to get a divorce through the RCC and the man prefers to give a get under a different Beit Din. I don’t see anything here beyond a conflict … Continue reading

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The Read-and-Breed Reproductive Strategy

Comment: Speaking of reading, how come Jews don’t recommend the Read-and-Breed Strategy for nations with low birthrates? Jews say they are so concerned about European and Asian nations with low birthrates. What is to be done? Jews say these nations … Continue reading

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