How’s Trump Doing?

I think President Trump is doing fine. He’s doing the things I like. He’s good for my people.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* 1. Trump needs to do better than to base his speeches on his previous night’s TV viewing (Fox News, Sweden). It’s not necessarily that he’s wrong, but the President of the United States has access to better information sources, provided at great public expense. He should use them.

2. Margaret Thatcher had an ally in William Whitelaw, who was a traditional (patrician and paternalistic) Conservative from the left of the party, yet who believed in what Thatcher was trying to achieve. She would run her policies past Whitelaw, and he would tell her when her instincts were taking her beyond what the public would accept. When Whitelaw retired for health reasons, Thatcher’s administration quickly spun out of control, implementing a regressive tax (the “Community Charge”, popularly called the Poll Tax) that eventually led to her downfall.

Trump needs somebody in the role of William Whitelaw: not to dilute his policies, but to ensure that the essential core is not derailed by his own wilder ideas.

3. Winston Churchill had stand-up rows with his Chief of Staff, Field Marshall Sir Alan Brooke. No doubt the rows irritated Churchill, but he considered them a small price to pay in return for receiving military advice of the highest quality. Trump needs staff who, while unswervingly loyal, are willing to stand up to him and argue with him over policy.

4. Government by Twitter is not an entirely bad idea, but the tweets need to be more carefully considered. Donald Trump can and should use Twitter to promote his program, but he should remember that he is no longer fighting such easy targets as Hillary or Jeb. Most tweets should be planned and discussed with his press office a week or more in advance.

* I think Trump is being crafty on immigration. Hardliners are disappointed so far but they don’t get the 3d chess match Trump needs to play to make the whole project happen.

There are profound changes happening check out this article where DHS is now taking all funds from illegal immigrant assistance programs and shifting them to illegal immigramt crime victim programs.

* This morning a Mexican man deported from the US jumped off a bridge crossing in Tijuana. He survived the drop, but he later passed away in a local hospital.

It’s gonna get ugly.

Despite the talk in some liberal circles about the “improving Mexican economy” and “net-zero” migration from Mexico, Mexicans are completely terrified of going back to their home country.

* I’m happy and grateful even if Trump does nothing — because finally, after eight long years, there’s a break in the action from being constantly, daily assaulted by the leftist agenda coming out of the White House. Finally, at long last, we don’t have to listen to Obama hector, berate, bitch, whine, lecture, and scold us on race, gays, transgenders, Muslims, and what-have-you, and tell us that he’s going to put us on the “right side of history.”

The fact that we got that sanctimonious mulatto prig to finally STFU is reward enough for me right now.

* I’m thoroughly impressed by what DJT has managed in a month. It’s difficult to find, though, because no one’s reporting it. You have to read a zillion random second and third tier news sites and blogs, and the Google what they are talking about, to find the story. Like the rollback of the disastrous Waters of the US EPA rule. Or the coal mining rule rollback. Or the 5 year ban in Obama people being lobbyists. Or the local stories of illegals in high schools caught with weapons being immediately deported. Or VA staff being fired. or SecState people being fired. Or cyber security people being fired. Or….A hundred things you didn’t know. all great.

I believe I read here that someone (Ohio gov Kasich, maybe?) was told by trump he could do all the foreign policy stuff, all the military stuff. What, did that leave trump doing, he asked? Making America great again. Whoever that was thought it was asinine and so passed it up.

But I get what he means now. McMaster, Mattis, Pence–they can have whatever they want overseas. Foreign policy doesn’t matter to Americans. Jobs matter. Their towns matter. Ending the opioids matters. So he’s going to negotiate with Intel and Ford and everyone else. He’s going to stop the DoJ suing your local grammar school to allow the big who thinks he’s a girl in the girls locker room when they change clothes. He’s going to fix the dams and the bridges and the airports. He’s going to MAGA. And then US prestige will be determined by its GDP pushing the world’s, and the other issues will be solved however those folks want them. Because that ain’t what matters most anyway.

* First Trump beat the Republicans, then he beat the Democrats, next he will beat the Deep State. Along the way, I guess he will beat the Media too. There certainly is a lot of them to beat, the rot is deep, but on the bright side they are mostly soft incompetents on sinecures.

* In the past 72 hours, I’ve had conversations with five strangers thrilled to talk at length, and extremely intelligently, about Pres. Trump, immigration, population genetics, intelligence/self-control/forward thinking and their distribution, socialism as a great idea that can only work for people of Certain Ethnies (though they don’t use that word), and much more.

This is right out in the open–aisles of commercial establishments, salespeople, taverns.

I’m hearing more people nervously but remarkably boldly confiding their frustration with being dinged for being white and really getting sick of the Victim du Jour bulletins from Big Mother.

* I recall the late radio legend Bob Grant, who was vilified for his irreverent disregard of respectable racial pieties, pointing-out how Limbaugh took the easy path by simply avoiding the whole topic of race.

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