How Do You Get Jews To Give?

Robert Weissberg comments: “A result of years listening to fund raising appeals. Take my word for it–if you want Jews to give, scare them to death and after a point, they confuse fund raising with reality. Been there many times and it always works.”

* A lot of Jewish people are genuinely afraid Trump is going to exterminate them, which I think is about as likely as my bedding Scarlet Johansson, but I can see why they’re worried.

* So, do they think that Trump will start by exterminating his grandchildren? You know, start small, then go big?

* If Jews are so afraid of American gentiles then I wish they would move to Israel to get away from us. It must be some kind of mental illness that makes Jews want to live in countries whose majority populations terrify them.

* Trump has never said anything negative about the Jews. Meanwhile Hitler pretty much telegraphed that the Jews were in trouble. And Weimar Germany wasn’t a golden era for Jewry either. The stab in the back myth pretty much kicked off with Germany’s defeat in WWI. Then it didn’t help that the Bolsheviks were Jew heavy.

So no, it is ridiculous for Jews to be in a panic over Trump. The Israeli press has been fairly aghast at the stupidity of Jews in the US with regards to Trump. Jews are picking the side, the Democrats, that is growing more anti-semitic. They even encourage the immigration that will destroy them. If they get what they want, it won’t be some diverse utopia of Jewry on top. It will be mobs of Muslims and other minorities hunting them in the streets. A few will flee and then write about how poorly they were treated.

* An “American Holocaust” is pretty much impossible. Americans are the most pro-Hebrew people in history. Virtually everyone in the US thinks either that Israel is Our Greatest Ally (if not the Holy Land of God’s Chosen People) or that Hitler was unquestionably Teh Most Ebil Dude Evar. Many people people, of course, think both of these things. Jewish paranoia about anti-Semitism in the US is one of the most irrational phenemona in human history.

* Trump doesn’t seem to have any particular animus against blacks (excuse me, against “the blacks”) or homosexuals. No animus against them at all, as far as I can tell. And yet many of them have convinced themselves that he is the second coming of Theodore Bilbo or Anita Bryant, or something.

* Jewish paranoia about anti-Semitism in the US is one of the most irrational phenemona in human history.

* True. And unlike Europeans, modern Americans generally tend to assume being Jewish is just a choice, like being Baptist or Mormon or liberal. A pogrom doesn’t make intuitive sense to Americans.

* Years ago when I lived in Nashville the city (maybe the state) had some referendum or other about whether to actually enforce the law regarding illegal aliens. It may have been to do with wasting money on governmental services in fifteen foreign languages, the way California does.

In the event, the managing partner of the law firm I was working for sent an obnoxious e-mail to the entire firm exhorting us to support the illegal aliens, going on about how difficult life was for the aliens, and so on. I took the opportunity to post ro the firm’s list-serv a detailed piece (not my own) explaining the reasons to oppose such nonsense. Surprisingly, I caught no flak.

Contrast that to an earlier still event: I objected to a poster on a list-serv who had gone full Jew-Jewity-Jew about Israel for months; I explained the list-serv was an apolitical forum for sharing professional knowledge. I was promptly frog-marched into a meeting with my boss and some hag from HR to be lectured about my sins. Needless to say, that firm was run by a Jew. (Also needless to say, I promptly resigned from their employ.)

It’s absolutely the case that one must think only approved thoughts and advocate only approved causes in Big Law. It’s one reason I went in-house and focused on patents – it is all much less politicised, but then everything is politicised these days, even children’s skating parties. It’s the impossibility of civic life when the other fellow doesn’t favour more money for roads than schools, but rather the destruction of your entire race and culture, that I once mentioned before.

* For the most part the Upper Classes don’t give the lower classes much thought at all. And if you live in a city like New York, LA, or D.C., you just won’t see many poor white people. The only poor white people you experience in most big cities are young people on their way up, slumming artists, or crazy homeless people. It becomes second nature to think that all poor people are latino or black, and assume that white people complaining about the economy must be whining.

* What makes the Holocaust press release freakout even more ridiculous is that it was worded that way to be inclusive. Lots of gays, Roma, and political undesirables were murdered as well. Literally anything he said in the statement would cause tears in some quarter for being insufficiently woke to some demographic’s death toll.

The latest media absurdity is the sneering about Trump’s remarks on Sweden:

“You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris. We’ve allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to vet those people. There was no documentation. There was no nothing. So we’re going to keep our country safe.”

The press misinterpreted this as a claim that there was a terrorist attack that night in Sweden, rather than the obvious meaning: Sweden has imported criminal, jihadist, rape-prone welfare cases, and as a result several Swedish cities have been turned into no-go zones.

* Lots of things that millions of people believe are completely retarded. In this case, a lot of Jews are being deliberately bombarded with deceptive information designed to make them believe Trump is the next Hitler in waiting. If you’re not paying attention and you trust the media sources in question, then that’s what you believe.

A few years ago when the Tea Party was in full swing, there was this weird trend in which whenever there was a mass shooting CNN etc. would tryn and find some way to link it to the Tea Party. In the most absurd example, when the police released the name of a shooter, someone stuck it into google and found that it was a the same name as a Tea Party rally organizer in the state [!!!]. I used to wonder why they did this. Didn’t it just make them look stupid? Why didn’t they wait to see whether there was actually a link? Then I realised: the point wasn’t too link a specific shooting to the Tea Party (for that they could afford to wait until the details came out, after all, eventually there would be one), the point was a to create a link in their viewer’s minds between the Tea Party and violence. No-one really remembers each specific incident and how the media reported it (except aspies on blogs), but they recall at the back of their mind that the Tea Party was linked to an awful lot of mass shootings. It’s the same with Trump anti-antisemitism thing. Each individual piece of evidence just looks like a joke, but that’s only relevant if you’re paying attention. For the typical media-consumer all that matters is that Trump has all these “links” to anti-antisemitism. You can see a lot of examples of this phenomenon if you’re attune to it.

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