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The Young Pope

In episode four, Cardinal Voiello says to The Young Pope: “Do you want to look into the [particular pedophilia ] case?” Pope: “Yes, but from a broader point of view. The individual case is always an indicator a broader issue.” … Continue reading

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The Life and Times of Derek Black

Hunter Wallace writes: Derek Black is grandstanding again in a new article in The New York Times: “I could easily have spent the night of Nov. 8 elated, surrounded by friends and family, thinking: “We did it. We rejected a … Continue reading

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White Power

Comment: Non-whites and Jews have a paradoxical relation to White Power. They prize it and fear it. They prize it because it is best at envisioning, creating, developing, and maintaining prosperous and productive societies governed by Rule of Law. So, … Continue reading

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Reparations For Blacks

Comment: If the U.S. were still roughly 90% white and 10% black, I do think whites would be ready to implement “reparations” policies as a final effort at black/white assimilation. However, now that blacks are just another identity group, it’s … Continue reading

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‘How many Jews do you know are electricians?’

Comment: There is an obsession with Jews on this blog. Jews are this and Jews are that and how many Jews do this and how many Jew vote like that and what do these Jews eat an wear and say … Continue reading

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