‘How many Jews do you know are electricians?’

Comment: There is an obsession with Jews on this blog. Jews are this and Jews are that and how many Jews do this and how many Jew vote like that and what do these Jews eat an wear and say and marry and think. Look, Jews are very important, but this is just too much. I can understand guys like map, who are latent antisemites, but still. I mean, mates, not every discussion needs to be related to Jews. I’m getting tired of hearing about Jews all the time.

Anyway, I, being a tradesman, know tons of Jewish electricians. There is an outlet where we go to eat after work, and there are usually a few tables full of various Jewish tradesmen eating greasy Chinese food and Jewish dishes like kugel, chulent, kishke, gefilte fish, gala, yupchick and chicken soup. And these are just the Orthodox ones. Now obviously there are more Jewish engineered, doctors, lawyers and financiers, but nothing human is foreign to the Jews. I’m low IQ and intelligence not for nothing, I have to admit that those Jewish tradesmen are very smart and I feel fortunate to be in their company and enjoy it in small doses. It’s funny, but I don’t feel they are less intelligent then the folk I’d worked with on Wall Street, I’m talking up to VP level, which is what I was, obviously the management, like AD, MD and up was brighter. There is this persisting misconception that tradesmen are dim wits. WRONG! Low status? I’d never known what it means in my whole life. What’s the hell is that? I determine my status and no one else, ever. My status is normal, not high and not low, just plain normal. I’m fact, I have no clue what anyone else thinks of my status, had never taken any interest in that and I never understood why anyone else would agonize about something like that.

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