Seattle Mariners Suspend Back-Up Catcher For Ripping BLM

Here are the tweets in question:



Chateau: Clevenger spoke more truth in these two tweets than the entire hivemind media apparatus, as anti-White Narrative traffickers, have rammed down our throats in weeks. Decades, even.

Weev says it best.

Two days ago Steve Clevenger, a catcher for the Seattle Mariners, made a couple tweets that any decent red blooded American could not possibly bat an eye at.

This is not controversial stuff. Black Lives Matter is a criminal terrorist organization that murders police officers, burns American cities to the ground, commits looting on an unfathomable scale, and hunts white people in the street to subject them to physical violence. Deriding and mocking these google terrorists is behavior fitting of a role model for children. This guy should be held up singly as an example of integrity in a sport infested with scum and villainy. […]

Instead of praising this man’s intellectual honesty and bravery, [the Mariners] have stolen a five figure sum of joy from his wife and children. They have taken food off of a good white man’s table.

This hits close to home for me. Tons of amazing people in the tech field were driven out of their jobs because of these fucking commie liberal faggot skypes that seem to think that no white man anywhere should ever be able to speak his mind.

Weev provides email accounts for the Mariners team and executives to whom you should direct your patient but righteously furious rage to reinstate Clevenger, genuine American hero in these dark times. You should also send Steve Clevenger some supportive words to his Twatter account: @Clev_45.

Bob Aylward
Joe Chard
Teresa Dugger Tim Kornegay
David Curry

What we are finally witnessing is the anti-White dam about to burst. A ruling elite can only suppress the truth for so long… can only humiliate a nation’s people with the most transparent lies for so long…before the truth finds fissures to escape and the people rise up to ride the soul-nourishing deluge of realtalk, feeling something they hadn’t felt in a while: pride.

It’s happening lightning-quick: Whites are coalescing into a formidable force against the Confederacy of Deceivers, and if the anti-Whites know what’s good for them they’ll step back from the brink now….or step off it later.

Not unrelated, a great post from Those Who Can See offering a historical perspective of realtalkers past who were uncontroversial in their day discussing matter-of-fact truths about googles, skypes, etc, but today would run afoul of the Diversity Inc schlock troops. A reminder that as we rush to excise our great White ancestors from our public squares and honorariums and besmirch them in our textbooks and at our family tables, a lethal reaction builds that will catapult their rebellious heirs to a revolution bursting forth a reinvigorated America….or a broken

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‘Reassessing Trends in Black Violent Crime, 1980-2008’

Comment: Steve, did you read this paper – Steffensmeier et al, “Reassessing Trends in Black Violent Crime, 1980-2008″?

We know that black males and females whose race was identified are responsible for over 50% of nation’s homicides. But there’s a huge problem with official assessments and conclusions about trends in violence based on national statistics published annually in the FBI’s UCR.

In federal statistics an overwhelming majority of the U.S. Hispanic population is classified as White (93%), whereas 4% of Hispanics are considered Black. Also crime-reporting programs typically record Hispanic arrests as White arrestees, failing to separate ethnicity from race – in particular, failing to separate Hispanics from non-Hispanic Whites. This does not only limit understanding of ethnic involvement but also hides the true disparity between White-Black crime rates (when ethnicity is NOT considered the disparity between the two races is less extreme) and tends to inflate White rates and deflate Black rates. It is called the “Hispanic effect”.

After creating estimates of “clean” White and “clean” Black arrest counts that do not include Hispanics, Steffensmeier et al. discovered that the Black share of violent crime was enlarged from 51% to 64% for homicide category and from 59% to 70% for robbery. As far as ratios are concerned, the average Black–White ratio for homicide was 7:1 using official FBI’s figures and jumped to almost 12:1 after adjusting (after separating Hispanics from non-Hispanic Whites). Same for robbery: ratio jumped from 10:1 to 15:1.


In essence, classifying Hispanic arrestees with Whites (or Blacks) deflates the Black fraction of arrests and deflates the Black–White arrest rate ratio, particularly for the more reliably reported offenses of homicide and robbery.

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Chaim Amalek: Virtually every Muslim who hates Trump also hates Jews

Chaim Amalek writes: “Muslims are to Western Civilization what a crack is to an iron plate. (Also, now that I am on the topic of steel metaphors, “____ are to Western Civilization what rust is to iron.” Or maybe, “_____ are to Western Civilization what salt water is to unpainted steel lacking any cathodic or anodic protection.”)

So maybe Jews are not rust, but they make rust. The actual oxide is the Muslim invader. You see how simple chemistry can be used to hateful ends here. Not that I ever would.”

Luke: “Maybe Jews are the iron that sharpens iron.”

Chaim: Torah Yidden are the immutable stone on which the goy may sharpen his tools, if he but wits to do so.

So Torah Yidden are good for the goy, but beware of the Secular ones who have fled from the Torah Corral! They are the universal solvent of all mankind.

I really should create something like Mendeleev’s periodic table of the elements, only instead of elements, it will be ethnic groups.

Yidden (Torah Jews) will be like the Noble Gases in that they don’t mix with anyone. WASPS will be group I, in that they surrender their electrons (their children) to anyone and anything that wants them. Muslims will be something explosive. In honor of their antiquity and the many people with whom they have bred, the colored will take the place of Carbon. Or maybe it should be Swedish women as carbon, as everyone wants to get together with them. I think the latter. This is a work in progress.

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Ordinary people can’t protect themselves from the onslaught of diversity as California and the South-West of the United States becomes more like Mexico every day.

The rich get to live a life where the prices they pay to insulate themselves discriminate so they don’t have to.

Chaim Amalek writes: “Who says White people won’t ever again have an ethnostate of their own? The corporate elites have, in fact, already platted out just such a place.”

LINK: How Elon Musk Plans to Go to Mars

Hollywood Reporter:

Oscar winners, sports stars and Bill Gates are building lavish bunkers — with amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a bowling alley — as global anxiety fuels sales and owners “could be the next Adam and Eve.”

Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it’s no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under or more. Those who can afford to pull out all the stops for so-called self-preservation are doing so — in a fashion that goes way beyond the submerged corrugated metal units adopted by reality show “preppers” — to prepare for anything from nuclear bombings to drastic climate-change events. Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent. “Any time there is a turbulent political landscape, we see a spike in our sales. Given this election is as turbulent as it is, we are gearing up for an even bigger spike,” says marketing director Brad Roberson of sales of bunkers that start at $39,000 and can run $8.35 million or more (FYI, a 12-stall horse shelter is $98,500).

Adds Mike Peters, owner of Utah-based Ultimate Bunker, which builds high-end versions in California, Texas and Minnesota: “People are going for luxury [to] live underground because they see the future is going to be rough. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks we are doomed, no matter who is elected.” Robert Vicino, founder of Del Mar, Calif.-based Vivos, which constructs upscale community bunkers in Indiana (he believes coastal flooding scenarios preclude bunkers being safely built west of the Rockies), says, “Bill Gates has huge shelters under every one of his homes, in Rancho Santa Fe and Washington. His head of security visited with us a couple years ago, and for these multibillionaires, a few million is nothing. It’s really just the newest form of insurance.”


Pro-Hillary Beauty Queen: Allegation of My Involvement in Attempted Murder “Is Not the Point Now, … [Trump] Was Really Rude with Me”

This is accused accomplice to murer is the woman Hillary chose to highlight at the end of the debate!

Steve Sailer writes: The Guardian dutifully stays on Hillary’s script this morning, even as the arranged narrative collapses around them:

Alicia Machado, Miss Universe weight-shamed by Trump, speaks out for Hillary Clinton

Clinton made the former Miss Universe turned actor and activist a talking point of the first debate, criticizing Trump’s public comments about her weight

Lucia Graves

But Anderson Cooper of CNN can’t pass up a huge juicy story about Miss Universe and … murder (or at least allegations that Hillary’s new best friend forever was the getaway driver in a 1998 attempted murder at a funeral in Venezuela):

Miss Universe strikes back

By Daniella Diaz, CNN

Updated 6:32 AM ET, Wed September 28, 2016

Washington (CNN)Former “Miss Universe” Alicia Machado struck back Tuesday against insults hurled at her by Donald Trump, saying that he was “aggressive” and “really rude.”

Machado, who represented Venezuela in Trump’s 1996 “Miss Universe” competition said that Trump called her “Miss Housekeeping” and “Miss Piggy” when she gained weight after winning the beauty pageant.

“I know what I left with him and he knows, too. And he was really aggressive. He was really rude. He was a bad person with me,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360.” “That is the story that I need to share with my community. We cannot accept no more insults for my Latin community. No more insults for the women. I know very well Mr. Trump and I can see the same person that I met 20 years ago.”

At the presidential debate on Monday, Clinton referenced Machado to make a bigger point to Trump about his public treatment of women — which has become a key campaign issue that hits on his vulnerabilities with both Hispanics and women.

[Hillary] continued: “Donald, she has a name. Her name is Alicia Machado. And she has become a US citizen and you can bet she is going to vote this November.”

Cooper also asked Machado about reports that she was accused of driving a getaway car from a murder scene soon after the “Miss Universe” pageant.

“There are reports that Trump surrogates tonight have been referencing and been pointing to … about an incident in 1998 in Venezuela where you were accused of driving a getaway car from a murder scene. You were never charged with this. The judge in the case also said you threatened to kill him after he indicted your boyfriend for the attempted murder. I just want to give you a chance to respond these reports,” Cooper said.

Machado responded: “He can say whatever he wants to say. I don’t care. You know, I have my past, of course everybody has a past. And I’m no saint girl. But that is not the point now … (Trump) was really rude with me, he tried to destroy my self esteem. And now I’m a voice in the Latin community. I’m in a great moment in my life and I have a very clear life. And I can show my taxes.”

Earlier Tuesday, Trump refused to back down from his criticism of Machado, telling “Fox and Friends” in an interview that she had “gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem.”

“She was the winner and you know, she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. We had a real problem,” Trump said. “Not only that, her attitude, and we had a real problem with her, so Hillary went back into the years and she found this girl — this was many years ago. And found the girl and talked about her like she was Mother Theresa. And it wasn’t quite that way but that’s OK. Hillary has to do what she has to do.”

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