Matt Heimbach Did Nothing Wrong!

Bud: “He done told the bitch twice.

Got to tune up the old lady for sneaking around like that.

How’s she expect him to be faithful if she won’t treat him with the dignity of some privacy?”

Daily Beast:

Neo-Nazi Group Implodes Over Love Triangle Turned Trailer Brawl
Matthew Heimbach and his spokesman came to blows after Heimbach was caught sleeping with the spokesman’s wife. What’s more, Heimbach is married to the spokesman’s stepdaughter.

One of America’s highest-profile neo-Nazi parties is “no more” after a bizarre love triangle saw its leader locked up for assault, the party’s former spokesperson, who described the incident as a “white trash circus” told The Daily Beast.

The Traditionalist Worker Party gained national attention after its involvement at the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August. Its leader, Matthew Heimbach was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his wife and his spokesman after Heimbach was caught cheating on his wife with the spokesman’s wife.

David “Matt” Parrott was the party’s spokesperson until Tuesday, when he quit in a statement to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Parrott told The Daily Beast the incident might be the end for the white-nationalist group. “People have lost faith in the party on every level,” he said.

Parrott scrapped the TWP’s website after quitting because he believes the party to be dead, he said.

The implosion began at a TWP compound in Paoli, Indiana where Parrott’s wife, Jessica, was allegedly having an affair with Heimbach—who is married to Parrott’s stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

Heimbach and Jessica told Parrott they’d ended the relationship, but Parrot and Heimbach’s wife were skeptical. They arranged to “set up” Heimbach and Jessica in a trailer on Parrott’s property to catch them having sex.

Parrott stood on a box outside the trailer and watched Heimbach and Jessica have sex inside, according to a police report. When the box broke under Parrott’s weight, he entered the trailer to confront them. Heimbach allegedly choked him and chased him into a house, where Parrott threw a chair at him. Heimbach hit back, choking him into unconsciousness, according to the police report….

Police arrested Heimbach on the spot and charged him with battery, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic battery committed in the physical presence of a child. (The Heimbachs’ two young children were present when he allegedly assaulted his wife.) The police report lists Heimbach’s occupation as “white nationalist.”

…[Parrot] claimed Heimbach’s arrest had dealt a serious blow to the white nationalist group’s credibility.

“Obviously due to the events that transpired, people have lost faith in the party on every level. I totally respect that and it’s my job to protect that information.”

Did he expect mass resignations from the party?

“There is no more party ma’am,” Parrott said. “Goodbye.”

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Alt Right Implosion: SPLC: TWP chief Matthew Heimbach arrested, top spokesman quits

Jeff* writes:

I was thinking about the line of argument advanced by Manik in your last live stream. He was very concerned about the absence of an explanation for Jewish overrepresentation absent KMAC’s default position.

I think that Race Realism is probably part of it — but, the point about urbanization is also quite important. In some ways, it’s maybe even more important so long as you’ve got a group IQ over 100…

Intellectual movements really are pretty well localized phenomena. Especially prior to the invention of electronic communications. Jews are clearly intelligent. But, I think they were also geographically located near the places where the action was. It wouldn’t have mattered if the smartest guy in the world in 1910 was a Chinaman or even, say, a kid from Texas. What mattered was having a big brain in the geographic vicinity of a major institution of learning where you’d be likely to wind up doing significant research.

From the Southern Poverty Law Center: Matthew Heimbach, the leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, is free on bond after being charged with battery in southern Indiana after a bizarre sequence of events involving Heimbach having an affair with his chief spokesman’s wife.

Police in Paoli, Indiana, said Heimbach attacked his wife and TWP spokesman Matt Parrott early Tuesday morning after the two confronted him about the affair with Parrott’s wife.

“I’m done. I’m out,” Parrott told the Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday. “SPLC has won. Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.”

Parrott declined to comment further on Heimbach’s arrest or his resignation.

But, on the alt-right social media platform Gab, Parrott appeared to distance himself from Heimbach and the TWP.

Parrott posted on March 9: “I have attempted to be a positive, uplifting, and unifying voice in the nationalist cause. At a certain point, even the most stubborn man must hold himself accountable to the fruit of his labor. My focus from here on out will be exclusively infrastructure and logistics.”

Details of what led to Heimbach’s arrest on felony charges were not immediately available, though a representative of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they were related to domestic battery and strangulation. Online court records show the charges were filed Tuesday in Paoli, Indiana, about an hour northwest of Louisville, Kentucky.

Heimbach, 26, posted $1,000 bond and was released Tuesday. He did not answer calls to his cellphone and did not return questions sent by text message from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Heimbach started the Traditionalist Worker Party in 2013 after graduating from Towson University. He and his father-in-law, Parrott, folded in Heimbach’s previous organization, the Traditionalist Youth Network, a new white nationalist organization cloaking itself in “traditionalism.”

The latest arrest puts Heimbach in jeopardy of going to jail for a prior incident.

Heimbach pleaded guilty in July 2017 to disorderly conduct in the assault of a protester at a 2016 campaign event for Donald Trump in Louisville, Kentucky.

Heimbach was fined $145 and sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, a lesser charge. District Court Judge Stephanie Pearce Burke suspended the jail time so long as Heimbach avoids being charged with another offense in the next two years.

A probation hearing for Heimbach is set in Kentucky on June 1.

A federal civil lawsuit is pending against Heimbach, President Donald Trump and others stemming from the incident.

Heimbach’s arrest is the latest incident to rock the alt-right.

Over the weekend, Richard B. Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute, announced he would forgo any more campus speeches for now after a sparsely attended speech on March 5 at Michigan State University.

Heimbach and members of the TWP were outside the agricultural pavilion where Spencer spoke, at one point physically fighting with and throwing rocks at protestors. By the time the fights ended, more than two dozen people – protestors and Spencer supporters – were arrested.

In the days after the Michigan State fracas, Heimbach posted on Gab: “Our speaker spoke at ‘your’ campus. We picked your best fighters up and threw them around like rag dolls until the police stepped in to protect y’all, and we even captured your flag, faggots,” TWP wrote.

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The Explanatory Power Of IQ

Larry says: “Either intelligence explains stuff and black poverty is natural and Jewish overrepresentation is natural, or else black poverty is a problem and Jewish overrepresentation is a problem.”

You’re talking about social facts in purely abstract terms and omitting a central thing, the social context itself.

You’re talking about black poverty and Jewish overrepresentation in WHITE SOCIETIES.

But demanding from whites that they decide if black poverty or Jewish overrepresentation are problems you are framing the question from the point of view of the interests of these groups but what about our interests?

Both Blacks and Jews have an interest in living in our societies but why is it in our interest to have to deal with their poverty and over representation?

Neither black underachievement nor Jewish overachievement would be a problem to us if they took place outside of our nations.


Nathan Cofnas writes: “Because of their above-average intelligence and concentration in influential urban areas, Jews in recent history have been overrepresented in all major intellectual and political movements, including conservative movements, that were not overtly anti-Semitic.”

Larry writes: That’s deeply disingenuous.
Jews are overwhelmingly represented in movements that weaken our people not in movements that benefit us.
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of the Jew Karl Marx ?
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of Freud or Boaz?
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of George Soros with his dozens of NGOs aggressively pushing a terrible agenda on us?
Where’s the Jewish right wing version of Jewish-heavy, left wing CNN?
To blithely say “oh there are Jews everywhere anyway, goy” is to make an intentionally misguiding false analogy.

But that’s how Jews operate. They use words and debates not as a means to search for truth but as weapons to fight for their own naked self interests.
That David who debated ((( Frame Games))) the other day is a textbook example of what I mean. You could clearly see that he was not arguing in good faith and (((Frame Games))) made this point more than once during the debate.

To say that “there are Jews everywhere both on the left and on the right” is like saying “there are gays everywhere, both in Teheran and in San Francisco.”
Both statements are objectively true but deliberately misleading because they both attempt to portray things of vastly different proportions as if they were the same. That’s the typical Jewish way of making arguments.

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Notice How Jews Were ‘Murdered’ But Non-Jews Were Merely ‘Persecuted’

According to the Museum of Tolerance: “The Holocaust took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945. Six million Jews were systematically and brutally murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators. Millions of non-Jews, including Roma and Sinti (Gypsies), Serbs, political dissidents, people with disabilities, homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, were also persecuted by the Nazis.”

There’s no business like Shoah business.

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Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

Eric Striker joins here.

Youtube comments:

* This was superb content Luke. Takes a clear and open mind to see the value you bring to this discussion, taking TRS types out of a bubble and letting us see the brilliance and at times weakness of Striker. It’s not totally devil’s advocacy, something I can’t describe yet, certainly in a realm we’re not often exposed to.

* What a beautiful answer to the question of “Do you want to see the destruction of Israel?” by Striker:

“Absolutely not. I don’t want to destroy them, I want them to go into a multicultural phase and learn to coexist with other people so that they could be enriched by the different amounts of food and they can have beautiful caramel children. I don’t want to destroy them I want to them enjoy the great benefits that they’ve given to us in the West.”

* This is rhetorical. Why can’t majority of Jews be like Luke or that Frame guy from a recent racewarski stream?

* Love Striker, you have a great channel going here Luke. Here’s to hoping your fellow Jews don’t shut it down.

* How many Jewish directors from the great postwar period of “art house film”? Here’s a close to complete complete list: Fellini, Bergman, Rohmer, Kurosawa, Truffaut, Satyajit Ray, Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Resnais, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Roberto Rossellini, Bertolucci , Werner Herzog.

* In pre-christian pagan/viking north homosexuals where killed and monogomy was the norm. So the idea that aryans where savages before jewish influence is simply not true.

* Re: How can 1% have such control on a nation?

Read the Biblical book of Esther. She single handedly tricked the King to execute all the enemies of the tribe, and she single handedly made the King appoint a member of the tribe as the new PM. All this without any members of the tribe got any blood on their own hands. Esther is the Gold Standard and a blueprint for how an operation is supposed to be run. In short: Use the most powerful proxy there is to reach you goals.

The very eminent TANSTAAFL has an excellent primer & podcast on this here.

* Oxford graduate student Nathan Cofnas is a race realist. See his essay: “Science is not always self-correcting.

Nathan Cofnas, a graduate student at Oxford University, writes:

MacDonald argues that a suite of genetic and cultural adaptations among Jews constitutes a “group evolutionary strategy.” Their supposed genetic adaptations include, most notably, high intelligence, conscientiousness, and ethnocentrism. According to this thesis, several major intellectual and political movements, such as Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism, were consciously or unconsciously designed by Jews to (a) promote collectivism and group continuity among themselves in Israel and the diaspora and (b) undermine the cohesion of gentile populations, thus increasing the competitive advantage of Jews and weakening organized gentile resistance (i.e., anti-Semitism). By developing and promoting these movements, Jews supposedly played a necessary role in the ascendancy of liberalism and multiculturalism in the West. While not achieving widespread acceptance among evolutionary scientists, this theory has been enormously influential in the burgeoning political movement known as the “alt-right.” Examination of MacDonald’s argument suggests that he relies on systematically misrepresented sources and cherry-picked facts. It is argued here that the evidence favors what is termed the “default hypothesis”: Because of their above-average intelligence and concentration in influential urban areas, Jews in recent history have been overrepresented in all major intellectual and political movements, including conservative movements, that were not overtly anti-Semitic.

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