Who killed the Armenians? Muslims

Dennis Prager writes:

The Journal’s editor-in-chief, Rob Eshman, recently wrote a column under the headline “Morgenthau’s Children,” about the film “The Promise,” whose subject is the Armenian genocide, and he addressed the subject of genocide in general. It was important to remind — or inform — people about the lesser-known genocides of the 20th century and the present century.

He noted the following genocides:

The Armenian genocide
“Those in Syria in Iraq”
The ISIS extermination of the Yazidis
“The failed state of Somalia”
The Myanmar government’s “persecution, deportation and starvation” of the Rohingya
But there is a word missing from all the genocides mentioned in Rob’s column.

That word is “Muslim.”

Every one of the genocides listed — with the exception of Myanmar (formerly Burma), where the victims are Muslims — was, or is being, committed by Muslims.

I don’t believe Rob intentionally omitted the fact that the perpetrators of all but one of the annihilations was/is Muslim. The fact is that with all the attention paid to the Armenian genocide, one always hears that the Armenians were mass murdered by the “Ottoman Empire” or the “Ottoman Turks” or the “Turkish regime” — but they are never identified as Muslims.

Rob rightly suggested that readers go to GenocideWatch.com for more information.

I took his advice, and here are headlines I saw on the site’s front page:

“Holocaust museum condemns ‘torture and killing of gay men’ in Chechnya”

“Violent Mortality in the Darfur Genocide”

“Syria: ‘Glimmers of humanity’ overshadowed by brutality of attacks on civilians”

“How Germany used Islam during World War I”

(Other headlines included news about Brazil, Auschwitz, Rwanda and Cambodia.)

Again, almost all genocide discussion was about Islam.

One of the least truthful major statements in the history of the modern American presidency was that of President George W. Bush, when he famously declared after 9/11 that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

I understand why Bush felt he had to say and keep repeating that line. But there is no excuse for all the academics and journalists who say it. Islam was a religion of war and violence from its inception, when Muslims forcibly converted surrounding tribes and then all of North Africa to Islam.

Muslims perpetrated the greatest slaughter of one group in history — the slaughter of about 80 million Hindus during the thousand-year history of Muslim rule in India. They even boasted about this slaughter by naming a large area of present-day of Afghanistan “Hindu Kush,” which means “Hindu-Slaughter.”

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Are You Addicted to Love?

From The Fix:

Sex addiction, says Sarah Osborne, Director of Clinical Operations at Mountainside Treatment Center, involves preoccupation with sexual acts, and over time, the need for increased risk level associated with them. The sexual acts aren’t about the partner, only about the ‘high’ from the acts.

“A person becomes restless or irritable when unable to engage, and the person with the sex addiction is often aloof or avoidant of developing emotional bonds with their partners,” she said.

Love addiction, on the other hand, is qualified by a person using relationships to avoid life issues. A person with love addiction feels the high from the romance, fantasy, and intrigue of the developing relationships and the perceived connection of being “with” someone, and becomes uneasy when away from the person.

“Their relationships are often chaotic with a ‘come here but go away’ style of connection due to the inability to develop true intimacy,” says Osborne.

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Trying the Landmark Course

Amy Dresner writes: But by far the most off-putting thing to me was the marketing, the hard sell from the stage. The philosophy was interesting but the constant barrage of proselytizing under the guise of “enrollment” felt icky and violating…like somebody who invited you out to dinner and never stopped asking to borrow money.

In between hours of “witnessing” where people came up to the microphone and creepily beamed how well their calls to reconnect went, was again the push for us to sign up to do the next course. Notecards were handed out. I refused to put my name on it and handed it back empty. The next morning next to my name tag on the table was the same enrollment form but this time it had my name written on it. And again I heard the whole “don’t you wanna be even more free? Don’t you want to accomplish your dreams and make a difference? That’s what level two is about.” Who’s gonna say “No, no. I wanna stay a slave and small. Don’t take off my shackles.” Such a mind fuck but I saw right through it and it made me really angry, so angry that I was beginning not to be open to the philosophy part.

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Whither Trump?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Ingraham and Coulter continue to righteously bash Trump & family for the dishonest campaign. These two ladies cannot be bought off.

Ingraham has major contacts on white house staff and she reamed Kushner today and accused him of being a big leaker maybe the big leaker.

Drudge left the Coulter interview at the top of the page all day to send another frigging message to bubble boy Trump.

But the core problem remains: Trump did this all to himself by filling his govt with neocons and lib dems.

Apparently Trump is not getting the message as Roger Stone said today that every name on the real Comey replacement list is some version of nevertrumper… WTF.

* Trump is often silly at times, and certainly the least presidential of any president in my lifetime – he recently said in an interview that being president was much harder than he thought, and phrased it in his usual style – Wow! I didn’t know it was going to be this much work! Or something like that. But how do his failings so far stack up with the failings of the other presidents of my lifetime? Pretty minor by comparison.

Most of his “folly” is a function of presentation by the media. Obama’s weird and foolish mother-in-law lived in the White House for 8 years, and that resulted in how many SNL skits? Yeah, right. Obama’s weird and creepy African relatives lived in the US for years contrary to immigration law, partly because Obama bent the rules so they could stay. And that resulted in how many news investigations and front page headlines? Yeah, right.

* Let’s assume it is true(questionable to doubtful).
According to several bloggers including Gregg Jarrett, a lawyer from Fox News,
Comey had a duty to immediately inform DOJ of “real” obstruction of justice under 18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361.
Apparently, obstruction requires intent, not just “why don’t you go easy on Flynn, he resigned, he’s a good guy” man-to-man talk.
The investigation continues unabated.
We are witnessing a strong attempt at a coup d’etat.
If it is successful , the Deep State truly rules America.
If unsuccessful, some people need to go to jail.

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NPR: All Across Latin America, Unwed Mothers Are Now The Norm

NPR: Latin America is now the region that has the highest percentage of children born out of wedlock. In Colombia, 84 percent of all children are born to unmarried mothers. Argentina, Mexico, Chile and other countries throughout the region have similar numbers, with well over half of all children born outside wedlock.

In less than a generation in Argentina, the traditional definition of a family has given way to new interpretations. And it’s happening at all economic levels — educated, middle-class women are now among the many choosing to have kids alone or in an informal union.

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