A Minor Crisis On The Alt Right

Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer writes:

As most of you probably already know, we’ve had a minor crisis in the Alt-Right. As the kike dox squad continues their rampage, Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff was doxed.

And here’s the thing: Jew wife.

wow just wow.

And I mean that seriously. In fact, this may be the first time I’ve ever said “wow just wow” with 100% deadly seriousness. This was definitely not expected.

I would personally rather just not talk about this at all, but clearly, given my position as the top head figure of the world’s most goal-oriented Republican website, I’m being asked by a lot of people what I think of this situation involving the #2 Republican podcast.

Basically, I’m not going to attack or defend. I don’t think either is appropriate. But I’ll just let you know what’s going through my head on one sad afternoon in January.

Firstly, regarding the doxing action itself. I want to say that I don’t think Ghoul doxed him. The dox posting says it was Ghoul, and I think this is just more antifa lies. An attempt to mess with our heads.

Mike’s opsec was complete shit. One person who knew was Mike Cernovich…

So if I had to guess, I’d say someone from his camp is responsible. These Alt-Cuck figures really want to be the center of the new right wing, and this definitely fits into that agenda.

To be clear, I’m not saying that Cernovich or anyone associated with him did do it, I’m just saying that is the most likely.

Now, regarding the situation itself – wew.

I don’t think that Mike is a shill, or that this Jew wife situation indicated that he is part of a Jewish conspiracy.

Mike and TRS have been at the forefront of exposing the Jewish problem. They are, along with this website, and some older figures such as David Duke, the only people really going hard on the Jews.

The situation seems pretty self-explanatory. He was married ten years ago, long before he was aware of the Jew problem, and so he felt was locked into a situation.

That is not to say he handled it well. At the very least, he should have known that eventually he was going to get doxed, and been prepared for this. Really, he should have gotten a divorce. I think that’s reasonable.

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BLOG POST: In the last coupla weeks, various nazi dingbats active on the #altright in the US have been doXXed — seemingly as a result of some internecine online warfare.

The latest casualty in this war is Some Guy called Mike Peinovich, AKA ‘Mike Enoch’. Peinovich is the lvl boss of a popular altright site called ‘The Right Stuff’ (TRS), established in December 2012, which hosts podcasts ‘Fash The Nation’ (August 2015–) and ‘The Daily Shoah’ (August 2014–).

According to IGD (No Honor Among Trolls: ‘The Right Stuff’ Gets Doxed By Their Own ‘Movement’, January 10, 2017):

It all started when Red Ice Radio hosted a discussion with the pseudonymous “Reactionary Jew” asking if reactionaries Jews had any place in the alt-right. Many meme hardened Nazi keyboard warriors were angered that the question was even being considered, and took to the alt-right Internet to denounce Red Ice’s capitulation to the Jewish agenda. Some regular posters from the 504ums (the private forum of The Right Stuff, home to The Daily Shoah, Fash the Nation, and our old pal Ghoul) took the side of Red Ice in the face of these attacks.

This was enough to set off a trollstorm on other boards, leading to TRS heavies, including Mike Enoch (founder of TRS), Seventh Son, and Bulbasaur, to be roundly accused of being soft on Jews and gays, of using message boards to “shill” for their own site (based simply on a few folks having shared some links), and of course, of being secret Jews or gays themselves. This touched off a puerile feud between boards, consisting mostly of idiotic trolling, immature accusations, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

TRS was given an ultimatum: apologize on the air, or face a doxing. As defiant screencaps from the 504um were leaked by TRS insiders onto other sites, Bulbasaur from TRS allegedly responded to a dox threat by daring people to try it. They called his bluff. When the dust settled, two prominent hosts of The Daily Shoah, including Bulbasaur, had been doxed by their own white nationalist “comrades.” This release of info also comes as another prominent Alt-Right celebrity, Millennial Woes has reportedly fled Scotland after having their information released as well.

Apparently, ‘Millennial Woes’ is Some (Angry, Depressed) Guy called Colin Robertson, ‘Bulbasaur’ is Van Bryant II, and ‘Seventh Son’ — catchphrase Put ‘em in the oven! — is Jesse Craig Dunstan (AKA Jesse Bjorn, Jesse C. Densten).

As for Mike, originally published on Medium, the article ‘outing’ Enoch/Peinovich — Meet Mike Peinovich, the Upper East Side’s Neo-Nazi Media Kingpin — has since been unpublished by the site. The text reads as follows. Note that, for various reasons, I’ve removed some identifying content […] which the curious can probably find online elsewhere …

Mike Peinovich (alias “Mike Enoch”) is the founder and leader of The Right Stuff (TRS), an online hub of podcasting and networking for “Alt Right” neo-Nazis. TRS prides itself in its “edgy” podcasts, delighting in taking Alt Right politics to their logical conclusion, including favorable references to the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, gaybashing, Islamophobic hate crimes, police shootings of black youth, and much more, often couched in a sizeable canon of hateful neologisms that require their own TRS-written lexicon to decipher. But don’t let the goofy jokes and veneer of irony fool you — TRS is dead serious, and central to a hard-core, explicitly neo-Nazi tendency in the Alt Right movement.

Peinovich’s pseudonym, taken from the white nationalist statesman Enoch Powell (and from removing a few letters from his own last name) is not as well known as the names Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Milo Yiannopolous, and others who have forsaken private life and seem to revel in notoriety. But this does not make Peinovich any less important to the Alt Right than these figures. The only difference is Peinovich covets his anonymity, fearing the loss of his lucrative tech job (last listed as a company called Vook, which was renamed to Pronoun), backlash in his Upper East Side neighborhood, and alienation from his liberal family, rooted in the affluent suburb of Montclair, New Jersey. Far from the spotlight, Peinovich has created a dangerous neo-Nazi media and social network, out of […] a quiet street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The TRS podcast “network” invokes a fictitious call number WKKK1488 FM, a reference to the KKK, the “14 words” of white nationalism, and the greeting “heil Hitler”. The network is home to the popular Alt Right podcast “Fash the Nation”, among many others with explicitly fascist, white nationalist, and neo-Nazi themes. Peinovich hosts TRS’s flagship podcast “The Daily Shoah” (a pun on the Shoah, or Holocaust), where he regularly rants, using every slur under the sun, in faux-intellectual stentorian monologues about the inferiority of anyone who is not a heterosexual white man. Peinovich and his fairly large cohort of radio hosts, bloggers, and activists advocate creating an “ethno-state” in the US by any means necessary, including the forced removal of all non-whites, Jews, and “deviants”, and a return to the patriarchal rule of white, heterosexual men.

Unsurprisingly TRS has been wildly supportive of Donald Trump, though they understand him not so much as the leader of their movement, but a great historical figure who has created an opening for their organization and related groups to function more effectively, while preparing the masses of white Americans for their message. As a part of their deliberate movement-building, TRS has provided an online platform for notorious white nationalists and Nazis such as Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, Greg Johnson of Counter Currents, Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network, video blogger Colin Robertson (aka Millennial Woes), and many other heavy hitting haters, including the Nazi dork himself, who is a big supporter of the project. In short, TRS is no fash in the pan operation. Since its beginnings in 2013, the network now boasts over 100k listeners each week for The Daily Shoah alone.

Peinovich’s The Daily Shoah is also the source of the (((Jewish Name))) meme, which originated from making Jewish names echo on the air, and was subsequently translated into anti-Semitic online harassment on Twitter and elsewhere, a self-conscious digital incarnation of the notorious star Nazis forced Jews to wear to identify themselves. Until dropped by the online seller, TRS devotees could order t-shirts subtly celebrating the crematoriums of Auschwitz, the “helicopter rides” in which dictator Augusto Pinochet murdered activists, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, allowing TRS devotees to safely advertise their affinities in daily life. Enoch is also responsible for the “white student union” hoax and maintains a noxious Twitter presence as @ThaRightStuff, instigating hateful trolling amongst his nearly 25k followers. In November Peinovich appeared in the closed session of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI) conference, prior to Spencer’s now-notorious toast of “hail Trump”, in a rare public appearance. Peinovich opted out of the regular conference programming out of fear of losing his cherished anonymity, and was given a platform to fund-raise last-minute by his friend Spencer, as he had been the year prior when he appeared alongside TRS associates Henrik Palgren and Lana Lokteff of the neo-Nazi Red Ice Radio. Most recently, Peinovich (as Mike Enoch) joined the board of directors of the 501(c)3 Center for the Marketplace of Ideas, an explicitly “Alt Right” non-profit organization run by white nationalist lawyer Kyle Bristow.

Through building a private Facebook group and the TRS messageboard, Peinovich has been central to a growing national network of activists who network at regular “pool parties” (real life meetups for TRS-affiliates) aimed at building an activist presence off the Internet, where TRS has mostly lived since its inception. Members of this network recently joined the Traditionalist Youth Network and the National Socialist Movement, for a “White Lives Matter” rally in Chicago, marking a turn in TRS from the shadows of pseudonymous podcasting and Tweeting, toward street mobilization.

This comes as other prominent co-hosts of The Daily Shoah have been outed: Cooper “Ghoul” Ward (also a member of the American Vanguard, another group trying its hand at a public presence), Van “Bulbasaur” Bryant II, and Jesse “Seventh Son” Dunstan. While Ward and Bryant quickly disappeared from social media and TRS, with Ward even offering to give up information on TRS in exchange for his identity being protected, Dunstan continues to Tweet and podcast as “Seventh Son”, joking about his doxing, and advertising his recent purchase of a shotgun. In any case, TRS clearly has aspirations far beyond pseudonymous podcasting and Tweeting, and it is very likely the Peinovich, its founder and leader, will remain central to this project even after his identity has been revealed. To this effect, the group is said to have prepared for this possibility for a long time, and Peinovich has stated that with the rise of Trump, he expects the Alt Right to be able to shed its pseudonymous existence in the near future. This means the pressure must be put on, and kept on, to deprive these scumbags of any platform or comfortable existence aboveground.


The alt-right eats its own: Neo-Nazi podcaster “Mike Enoch” quits after doxxers reveal his wife is Jewish

From Salon:

The loosely knit group was shocked to the core Saturday night when one of its most influential leaders — a man known to his online followers as “Mike Enoch,” a virulent racist and anti-Semite — was revealed to be a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich, who has said that his wife is Jewish. Although the motivations behind Peinovich’s apparent deception are not clear, his operation presumably generated some modest cashflow from true believers in the alt-right crusade.

As one chagrined poster on Enoch’s website put it, “It’s pretty bad for your WN [white nationalist], fourth reich, neo-nazi, facist [sic] movement when one of the head guys happens to be married to a Jew.”

Enoch/Peinovich is the creator of the popular neo-Nazi website The Right Stuff (TRS). For several years, he has also co-hosted a podcast called “The Daily Shoah,” a deliberately offensive pun on the Hebrew term for the Holocaust.

In his online persona, Peinovich routinely cracked jokes about killing Jewish people and forcibly deporting Muslims and people of African descent. The weekly program had roughly 100,000 regular listeners, many of whom regularly sent in financial donations by PayPal or bought merchandise from the site.

Peinovich’s wife appears to have been aware of the entire situation. She even appeared on “The Daily Shoah” several times, including a special holiday-season segment in 2015 where she read a neo-Nazi parody of “The Night Before Christmas.” Introducing the clip, which can be found online, Peinovich said his wife was “very proud of it.”

Peinovich’s doxxing — a term referring to revealing someone’s private information online — was largely the work of anonymous left-wing users on the Medium blog site, in a post that has since been deleted. Word spread like wildfire throughout the alt-right’s many web forums and message boards over the weekend, as TRS fans and detractors battled over whether the information was legitimate or not.

That initial report had an air of credibility, since the identities of Peinovich’s fellow “death panelists” on the podcast had been revealed earlier in the week. That doxxing was done by members of a rival website called 8chan, who attacked TRS for supporting the principle that non-Jewish white nationalists had common interests with extreme right-wing Israelis, which is anathema to hardcore neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.

First the 8channers unmasked one of Peinovich’s colleagues, a University of Nebraska philosophy student who called himself “Ghoul,” and whose mother was revealed to be married to another woman. After that, 8channers and anti-fascist activists temporarily worked together to dox the rest of the “Daily Shoah” crew. “Bulbasaur” was exposed as a corrections officer living in Nashville and “Seventh Son” was revealed as a guitarist in an obscure Goth-rock band.

The big prize for the doxxers, however, was Peinovich. As the creator of TRS, he was (at least until this weekend) regarded as one of the three most influential figures in the alt-right, alongside Daily Stormer creator Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer, the co-creator of the “alt-right” label.

Though TRS has not received as much coverage in the mainstream press, it originated or popularized many alt-right pranks and memes, including the practice of identifying Jewish people or those suspected of being Jewish with (((triple sets of parentheses,))) bogus White Student Union schemes at educational institutions, and racist or anti-Semitic song parodies. Peinovich was also reportedly among the people who gave the Nazi salute at the infamous National Policy Institute conference after Trump’s election in November.

Mike Enoch’s downfall was set in motion in December when a former alt-right vlogger named Mike Cernovich hinted to his viewers that one of his rivals “is morbidly obese and is married to a Jewish woman.” He declined to say whom he meant, but that salacious rumor set the cyber-sleuths to their task.

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All The Best Nazis Are Jewish

So I guess that obese guy in the videos from the last National Policy Institute conference is Mike Enoch.

From Aryan Skynet:

AryanSkynet will not be engaged in any “doxxing” but it’s important to review the facts that have come out recently about the internet’s second most famous “neo-Nazi” website, TheRightStuff.biz, and the people behind it.

The guy [Mike Enoch] behind the internet’s second most famous “neo-Nazi” website:

1. Worked for the longest standing and most famous CIA front company, Time Inc.

2. Was featured as a “regular guy” interview on CNN.

3. Was a pro-Jewish, pro-libertarian Zionist for years until he turned on a dime and became a stereotypical (((Hollywood Nazi))) overnight.

4. Lives on Manhattan’s Upper East side – in other words, the second most Jewish neighborhood in the most Jewish borough in the most Jewish city on the entire earth.

5. Works in a typically Jewish industry at a company likely owned and managed by Jews.

6. Doesn’t seem to be Jewish himself but very well could be. Has a wife with a stereotypically Jewish name, but who looks like a relatively typical Anglo-German. So may or may not be Jewish or half-Jewish themselves, but it’s virtually impossible for them to not have an overwhelmingly Jewish professional and personal circle of friends, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. One can imagine the cognitive dissonance it takes to spend most of your time working and socializing with Jewish people then going online to LARP as the internet’s biggest “Nazi” complete with wink-wink jokes about sticking all the Jews into ovens, etc.

7. TheRightStuff.biz were outed by their own fellow fake “Nazis” for apparently trying to sneak “Jews and fags” into the movement.

8. TheRightStuff.biz, along with the (((Daily Stormer))) are the main online properties going out of their way to associate anything pro-White, and the “Alt Right” particularly, with (((Hollywood Nazism.))) And both online properties are essentially run by Jews and Jew-friendly shabbos goyim, not despite being “hard core Nazis.” The fact that they pose as “hard core Nazis” is BECAUSE both outfits are run by Jews and shabbos goyim. All “neo-Nazis” are Jews or shabbos goyim – that is the Iron Law of American politics since the death of the first Costume Clown, George Lincoln Rockwell.

9. TheRightStuff.biz and the (((Daily Stormer))) are the center of the “neo-Nazis for Trump” movement which has two rather interesting effects. One, to associate Trump and Trump voters with the worst stereotypes of “racist nazi hitler anti-semite KKKs.” Two, getting pro-whites – and especially those who are suspicious of Jewish power and influence – behind Trump, the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, pro-Likud presidential candidate in American history.

10. TheRightStuff.biz and the (((Daily Stormer))) are the main coordinators of the internet trolls that attack any pro-white figure that won’t play act as a “neo-Nazi.” Both websites are instrumental in attacking normal pro-whites as “cucks” and “Jews” and “cowards,” etc. They are the main organizing point of the “Internet Tough Guys” who are “more Nazi than thou.” And both sites are run by Jews and Jew-friendly Whites.

11. Both websites – TheRightStuff.biz and the (((Daily Stormer))) – are run by people who were typical philo-semitites and pro-Israel types, in the case of Anglin, openly anti-white and pro-Jewish, that turned on a dime and became “hard core neo-Nazis” virtually overnight.

12. The facts about these people were well known, discussed on the internet for years, and barely hidden. But whenever these concerns were brought up, those pointing out the obvious were attacked, slandered, and in many cases threatened by the so-called “troll army” of “neo-Nazis.”

13. When they were unable to hide the basic facts any longer, they just responded “we’re just joking and trolling any way, lighten up!”

14. Mike Enoch was the one who ran to the front of the stage at the NPI conference and did a “Heil Hitler” for The Atlantic’s cameras, which was then featured in the Jewish media, edited purposefully to make the entire event seem as close to a “Nazi rally” as possible. While Mike Enoch had his identity protected by NPI, The Atlantic, and the Jewish media – other people involved – the ones that did NOT pose in front of the cameras and “Heil Hitler” – were not so lucky, and many have lost their jobs and been slandered by the media for simply attending a conference – a conference that, up until that point, never engaged in anything close to “Nazi LARPing.”

Update: According to this, Mike Enoch himself admits that his wife is “who they say she is” which is apparently an acknowledgement that she is Jewish and even that she worked to promote “diversity” at NSA.

Notice the petulant concern trolling Mike engages in, suggesting that he doesn’t want people to “leave the movement” over this – as if Mike Enoch himself is “the movement” and the only reason anyone ever cared about the future of white people and the 14 words is because of him.

If Mike Enoch was the real counter-semite he pretends to be – he and his wife and his children would be on the next plane to Tel Aviv. But we know that won’t happen, because Mike Enoch isn’t really “pro-white” and he is obviously not against his own wife and children.


* If Enoch isn’t fired from his job – I call shenannigans. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people have been fired from their jobs within hours of such internet “outings.”

And it’s not like Enoch just made a few “politically incorrect” jokes or an ill-advised tweet. Oh no, he is one of the internet’s most famous “Alt Right Nazi” and was featured prominently – although anonymously – in the recent NPI scandal.

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Great Moments In Self-Awareness

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* “I got all angsty and neurotic and paranoid about what the goyim think about me, and I decided to stop annoying them,” said no Jew, ever. Nope, he got all angsty and neurotic and paranoid about the goyim, because they need to change.

* I think here in Israel we have only one country club and I don’t think we have any Arab members. Maybe that should change?

* There is a certain type of Jewish man who is “not handy”. I think they regard it as a point of pride that they are incapable of so much as hammering a nail. It confirms to themselves their identity as knowledge workers who don’t have to get their hands dirty and who can afford to pay others to do such menial work that is beneath their dignity as professionals. Maybe it also gets them out of having to do stuff around the house – they just tell their wives to call the plumber while they go golfing.

Also consider many Jews are germophobes like Trump. If you have ever snaked a drain (I have), what comes out of the far end of the snake is not very sanitary.

* Not being handy extends to automotive activities. My wife’s classmate was driving them to an event and got a flat tire. He laughed off the inability to change the tire and waved his cell phone to say he’d just call the auto club. What if he had been out of cell range? Who does not plan ahead, or learn basic life skills?

* Let’s say you were a plumber or a mechanic and urgently needed an explication of dialectical materialism. Would you read the Collected Works of Marx and Engels and A Short Course on the History of the CPSU, (J. Stalin, author) or would you just call up a Jewish intellectual to explain it to you?

* What has always puzzled me about “Great-Grandpa Sy’s story” is why, when he suffered the injustice of exclusion from a restricted club, he went out and started his own exclusive and restricted club.

Why didn’t Sy start a non-exclusive and unrestricted country club?

* I share Ned Resnikoff’s anxiety in reverse nowadays: I meet someone of my own class (if not Jewish then at least overeducated), I have an interest in his liking me, but as he makes doomsday comments about the coming era of Trump (a common form of icebreaking these days) I wonder if he has any inkling that inside I’m laughing.

* kike (n.)

derogatory slang for “a Jew,” by 1901, American English; early evidence supports the belief that it was used at first among German-American Jews in reference to newcomers from Eastern Europe, perhaps because the names of the latter ended in -ki or -ky.

“There is no charity organization of any kind here [a small city in Pennsylvania] and, what is sadder to relate, the Jews in this city will not form one; that is, if the present temper of the people can be used as a criterion. The German Jews are bitterly opposed to the “Kikes,” as they persist in calling the Russian Jews …. ”
[“Report of the National Conference of Jewish Charities in the United States,” Cleveland, 1912]

* Steve’s link says his understanding is:

“Contrary to mythos, as far as I can tell:

First, as early as 1925, a higher percentage of Jews than gentiles may have belonged to country clubs.

Second, Jewish country clubs were, on average, more luxurious and expensive than gentile clubs.

Third, a 1962 study by the Anti-Defamation League found that Jewish country clubs were more discriminatory than Christian clubs.

Fourth, historically, Jewish applicants were mostly excluded for ethnic reasons by Jewish country clubs.”

About German Jews vs other Jews:

Sports Illustrated reported in 1962:

In larger cities one sometimes finds two or more Jewish clubs, the top one composed principally of German Jews who tend to find eastern European Jews unacceptable.”


“According to the Encyclopedia Judaica:

Since Jews were frozen out of local country clubs, they established the Hillcrest in 1883 for German Jews, and the Fairmont in 1920, for East European Jews.”


“Stephen Birmingham writes:

But now, in nearly every American city of any size, there were at least two Jewish country clubs—the “good” one (German), and the less good (Russian). In New York, the best Jewish country club was the Germans’ Century Country Club in suburban White Plains [now Purchase]. The second-best was the Russians’ Sunningdale Golf Club in Scarsdale.

Birmingham observed in “Our Crowd”:

For years the Century was an almost exclusively German club, with an unwritten rule against “Orientals.”

The Century Country Club built its first golf course in 1908 (Sunningdale’s course opened in 1918), but didn’t begin to admit Russian Jews until after World War II. Birmingham notes in The Rest of Us:

Bastions of German-Jewish supremacy were falling on all sides by the 1940s. … At the Century Country Club, which considered itself not only the best Jewish club in New York but the best Jewish country club on earth, and where the anti-Russian bias had been all but written into the bylaws for generations, a few Russians were now being cautiously taken in as members, and one of the first of these, in 1948, was the Flatbush-born Dr. Herman Tarnower, the son of Russian immigrants.”

* The 1962 Sports Illustrated article on country clubs looked at Springfield, MA where there were four country clubs. The Jewish club was the most expensive and snazziest, the WASP club (with a few Catholics) was the most prestigious, the Irish Catholic club was a tier down, and the Italian, Polish, French Canadian club was a tier below that.

* 1/ So you now accept there were two types of country clubs, with at least one (German) Jewish and one waspy in each town. Which do you think Eastern Jews primarily aspired to join?

2/ Even assuming that they wanted to join the waspy club (probably after being rejected by the German Jewish one), how disingenuous it is to accuse WASPs of anti-Semitism when they were perfectly aware how Jewish clubs were even more exclusive? Do they think that while it’s perfectly normal for Jews to be super-exclusive (to the point of excluding even most fellow Jews), it’s abnormal for gentiles to be so? Of the super-exclusiveness of Jewish clubs is now totally forgotten, i.e. retconned out of existence, so that no cognitive dissonance will have to occur. (Not that most Jews would even understand the contradiction of calling exclusive waspy clubs anti-Semitic while finding super-exclusive German Jewish clubs perfectly normal.)

3/ Let me go out on a limb and without knowing much of US country club history propose that probably waspy country clubs excluded other non-WASPs like the Irish or Italians. (I’m not sure if there were many rich Catholic Hungarian gentiles at the time, but I guess they would not have been welcome either.) Calling a simple ethnic preference for their own (which, as we are well aware, was also characteristic of Jews) as anti-Semitic implies that Jews were somehow singled out. Surely that was not the case.

* Catholicism, over the course of the Middle Ages, came to been seen in many Northern European nations as pernicious foreign influence. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out why.

The key word here is foreign.

In England, especially, Catholics were viewed as fifth-columnists, traitors, etc. It didn’t help that some of the most staunchly Catholic nations were England’s traditional enemies (France, Spain, the Irish).

The Puritans were called “Puritans” by their opponents because they wanted to purge Popery from the CoE.

Connect the dots.

* Virtually all of us are obliged in the course of our day to day lives to deal with strangers – that is persons with whom we were are quite unfamiliar and with whom we were never raised, or at least, known for a long course of time so that we are familiar with their personalities, habits, character, characteristics, thought processes etc. As we all know, individuals differ markedly in all of these attributes – and with the ‘stranger’ we will never ever but know the experiences, nurturing or lack of it, traumas, imparted prejudices, customs, culture etc with which he was raised – despite all the best of intentions, and even if the individual is of a similar background and ethnicity to oneself.
The way that humans cope with this, especially in the way that today’s world throws disparate people together in the world of work, education etc, is by a common understood protocol of manners and etiquette, at least until individuals are able to ‘lower their guard’ somewhat by having an internalized understanding of each other.

But I’m afraid, once people start behaving like Resnikoff and start to fear strangers like one would fear a wild animal, the whole system breaks down, and interactions between the unfamiliar – think of all the good that has come from them, from Lennon and MacCartney upwards – simply become impossible due to the fear factor.
Then the ‘relationship’ becomes no better than that between a rabbit and a fox.

* In the South there were NO white hotels that would take colored. Blacks stayed in rooming houses in their end of town. It didn’t even occur to them that they could stay in white hotels.

The same legend exists for the park near the Bund in Shanghai (“NO DOGS OR CHINESE”) but in real life, there was a sign with maybe 10 different rules on it (you’ve seen these signs posted at park entrances) and maybe rule #3 was “the park is reserved for members of the foreign community” and #7 was “dogs are not permitted”. Outside of Nazi Germany, racism usually wore a “polite” face .

There’s also a legend that some hotel advertised “Always a view, never a Jew” but I’ve never seen proof of that either. It was usually done very discretely with a little “restricted” plaque in the ads (as you can see) and behind the check-in desk. Jews at the time knew what was going on and would take the hint – everyone knew what restricted meant. If a Jewish customer wandered in by mistake, they’d be told “I’m afraid there’s no room available for you Mr. Goldberg.

* Most of my Hungarian friends think that being opposed to immigration means I’m a literal Nazi who wants to gas six million Jews and mass murder anyone not having blue eyes and light hair. Also having a fetish for Nazi uniforms and doing the Roman salute several times a day.

* The “New World Order” became more apparent during Clinton and the dismemberment of Yugoslavia was the first shot at Russia. During GHWB’s term it still looked as if a “friendship with Russia” was possible.

There is something about GHWB that makes me think that he actually did not want to go along with the Big Plan. He was not really eager to attack Iraq. Then he stopped and did not conquer whole of Iraq. He was sincere about peace dividends. He tried to curtail funding of Israel. So it should not be surprising that he was not reelected. Perrot role was similar to that of Teddy Roosevelt when Wilson run against the incumbent Taft. This is the reason Clinton won. GHWB knew he was not supposed to win. He showed impatience and irritation during debates (looked at his watch). GWB was upset that his father did no win and he knew exactly who was responsible for it. Seven years later Prince Bandar told GWB that he can outfox the people who did not like his father by pretending that he will go along with their plans but it was GWB who was outfoxed by them.

* Whatever his flaws, Bush I handled the meltdown of the Warsaw Pact/Soviet Union so well he made it look easy. So easy, he doesn’t get credit for the US part in making sure nothing went sideways.

I always thought the world beat the odds by getting through that era of history without a single nuke or other WMD going off anywhere. Things were totally out of control there, read about the Soviet bio-weapons program, in complete violation of treaty, for an example.

* Tradesmen in the San Fernando Valley are now frequently Israelis.

* Jews have a long and strong tradition of quickly forgetting their own sins (unless they should make it into a Jewish religious text, a practice I assume has been moribund for centuries), and a similar tradition of forgetting no one’s sins against them; why should they be any different on this issue?

I’m not sure anyone is saying that there was no White-on-Jew discrimination, or that all White-on-Jewish discrimination is retconned Jewish-on-Jewish discrimination. It seems to me that people are saying that Jews will have a strong tendency, the further they get from the actual events, to displace the blame for Jew-on-Jew discrimination from Jews, to Whites. And that a significant portion of what is “remembered” as White-on-Jewish discrimination, was actually Jewish-on-Jewish.

* Long ago I worked for a guy in his late 20s who told me, rather smugly, that all in all he considered himself a Marxist. I said, “Great! I’ve wanted to meet someone who could explain dialectical materialism and the labor theory of value.”

Unsurprisingly, he had no idea what I was talking about.

* “San Francisco provides an example of how some Jews can ignore reality. Polls taken by the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation found that one-third of Jewish residents believed that a Jew could not be elected to Congress from San Francisco. The poll reported these results in 1985 at a time all three members of Congress from the city were Jewish as were two state senators, the mayor and a plurality of the city council.”
Seymour Lipset,
American Pluralism and the Jewish Community, 1990,
p. 156

* And then there’s the time that I was talking to a Jewish Democratic Party organizer….He told me that, prior to the 1960s, Jews could not hold office in the South, that the people there would never vote for a Jew….He was flabbergasted when I told him about Judah P Benjamin.

* I have noticed more than a few Jewish urban legends over the years…..For example, I’ve actually had colleagues (people with phds in English lit) tell me that Jews could not get into Harvard in the 1930s. They were quite shocked when I told them that that was simply untrue:

Although many minority groups were negatively impacted by these policies, one of the groups affected was Jewish applicants, whose admission to some New England and New York City-area liberal arts universities fell significantly between the late 1910s and the mid-1930s.[12] For instance, the admission to Harvard University during that period fell from 27.6% to 17.1% and in Columbia University from 32.7% to 14.6%.”

* What a cocoon Mr Resnikoff lives in – despite making a living aggressively proposing policy for the entire country. He is so rarely in the company of a middle-aged, white southern gentleman that he feels the experience is worth sharing. Even though the white southerner is a “consummate professional” and “perfectly nice”, Resnikoff feels a sense of danger, insecurity and unpredictability that he expects never to be able to shake off.

If he had posted something like this about the visit of a black tradesman, he would not only lose his job, he would never work again in any role with public visibility.

Mr Resnikoff is not only racist and proudly so, he is privileged in ways that he cannot even imagine.

* It’s an article of faith among Irish-Americans that the Irish were mistreated horribly in 19th-century America. America, not England!

It’s certainly not hard to believe that many Irish people have been mistreated, in America and elsewhere. Every ‘people’ has met with mistreatment over the centuries.

Ted Kennedy and Tip O’Neil both related personal memories of “No Irish Need Apply” signs in furtherance of their political objectives. Likewise the “No negroes, no dogs, no Irish” signs which never actually existed, but have been physically retconned into existence by purveyors of cutesie wall-hangings by which modern people of Irish descent can advertise their victim status.

Don’t believe me! But if you are interested, read Journal of Social History 36.2 (2002) 405-429
“No Irish Need Apply”: A Myth of Victimization Richard Jensen

…there’s no quicker way to infuriate an ethnic partisan than to question his sacred remembrance of discrimination. Even if (or particularly if) said remembrance is actually hearsay upon hearsay. It’ll infuriate him because in modern America no status is remotely comparable to official victim status. It’s to be protected at all costs, because from it all good things come.

* What has always puzzled me about Jews’ supposed “leftism” is why, after all the injustice they claim to have endured, and all their advocating for leftism and anti-ethnocentrism in the diaspora, they went out and started their own right-wing ethno-state in Israel?

* Speaking of “Great Moments in Self-Awareness” here’s the NYT on the new “World’s 8 Richest Have as Much Wealth as Bottom Half of Global Population” meme.

Simply by divesting these eight men, we could double the wealth of half of humanity! What’s not to love?

Only four or five of them are of the Tribe, depending on how you’re counting.

* If you were an arriviste Russian-Jew in the 1920s, would you even try to join the WASP club?No, you would know that you would be turned down. So, you give the German-Jewish club a shot….and they turn you down…..and maybe you remember them snickering “mockie” as you leave….And then, via generational Telephone/Chinese Whispers, your great-grandchildren tell stories about how the WASPs wouldn’t let great-grandpa in…

* I think there is a general weariness towards ethnic grievances and complaining.

The more of obnoxious of these grievances are Jews complaining that their grandfathers couldn’t join a country club even though he was rich enough to pay all the dues. He had to build his own golf course from scratch, don’t ya know! I don’t resent successful people but I think they need to have some self-awareness.

So yes, colleges, golf courses, resorts, and luxury coops did discriminate against Jews. No its not OK. But USA got over its antisemitism. US Jews need to get over their grievances.

I attended a high school graduation last year. The valedictorian was Jewish. He congratulated himself of being valedictorian “as the great grandson of a Jewish immigrant.” Enough already.

* I’m one of those guys who uses the phone to unplug my drain, and I’m not Jewish. Overeducated and underskilled, I’d say. A Jewish friend from NYC used to use our house in semi rural MA for his summer place when we were away. I asked him to cut the lawn- he did, but told me the clippings kept falling out the side. I asked him if he’ emptied the bag periodically – he said no. I then asked him if he’d ever cut a lawn before- his reply was something like “Jews hire people like you to do that sort of thing”.

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