Leading Internet Neo-Nazi Revealed to Secretly Have a Jewish Wife

From Mediaite:

The leader and founder of prominent Neo-Nazi blog The Right Stuff and the podcast “The Daily Shoah” (yes, really) was recently doxxed and reportedly revealed to have a Jewish wife.

Online he has always gone by the name “Mike Enoch,” a reference to far right British politician and Nazi sympathizer Enoch Powell. But after fellow alt-righter Mike Cernovich (who was feuding with Enoch and others) posted a YouTube video claiming that “The Same Person Calling Me [Jewish Slur] is Married to a Jew,” Internet sleuths now claim that his real name was Mike Peinovich, and that he lives on the Upper East Side with a Jewish wife.

In an email to Salon, Peinovich denied being Enoch, but admitted the he authored some of the posts on the site. “If you give any fucks at all then you could print that this is all bullshit. We are now being harassed not only by communists but by actual neo nazis,” he told them.

But “Enoch” appears to have confirmed that some of the rumors were accurate in a statement to his fans in a password-protected part of the site. “Yes my wife is who they say she is. I won’t even bother denying it. I won’t bother making excuses. If this makes you want to leave the movement, or to have nothing to do with TRS, then I understand,” he said.

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Remembering Mike Enoch In Happier Times

I’m relistening to his show with Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer) from December 20, 2016.

Mike: “This is the most interesting podcast on the Alt Right that you are going to hear. What is the likelihood you would get all three of us on one radio program?”

Andrew: “In the future, this could be more and more likely.”

Richard: “It could be the Nightly News.”

Mike: “We’re all here to show solidarity. We’re all on the same team.”

Andrew: “And more or less on the same page.”

Mike: “Why not? It’s The Current Year. Why not?”

Later, Andrew says: “It’s good. They’re now saying that Steve Bannon is a neo-nazi. Think about how great that is. These words no longer have any meaning. They say Trump is a Russian agent and a neo-nazi!”

Mike says: “Considering that all three of us are Russian agents and neo-nazis, we can assure you that Steve Bannon is not. We are running him out of the Kremlin.”

“I’m more incognito. The press doesn’t know who I am.”

Richard: “I probably should not have married a real Russian.”

Later, Andrew says: “We should take over the Republican party.”

Mike: “We’re definitely doing that.”

Richard: “I’ve got a lot of contacts in Washington, and I’m told that every cocktail party talks about the Alt Right and Richard Spencer.”

“We are what the Left has always wanted the Right to be.”

“We’re interesting. Do you really want to interview Rick Santorum? These liberals aren’t dumb. They want to talk to someone who shocks them and gets their wheels turning in their head. They’ve listened to this conservative BS for decades. It’s tiresome. They want the real dope.”

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Why Did The Same Jewish Leader Joachim Prinz First Support The Nazis, And Then Martin Luther King?

I just read a Stanford University website that posted in full Joachim Prinz’s 1958 letter to Martin Luther King. Here is an excerpt:

On September 26th, I addressed a letter to the President of the United States urging him to summon the country’s leaders in the field of religion, education, social welfare, labor and business to a meeting at the White House to spell out for every American the democratic principles that underlie our existence as a nation. From such a meeting, I suggested, could come a Presidential proclamation of equality in which the full authority and prestige of the office of the President would be placed in support of the moral principle of integration and the basic concept of obedience to court decisions.

The Stanford website notes: “Joachim Prinz (1902-1988), born in Burkhardtsdorf, Saxony, attended the University of Berlin, received a Ph.D. from the University of Giessen, and was ordained a rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Breslau (1925). While serving as a rabbi in Berlin, Prinz preached against the Nazis and was repeatedly arrested by the Gestapo; he was expelled from Germany in 1937. In 1939 Prinz became rabbi of Temple B’Nai Abraham in Newark, New Jersey, where he served until his retirement in 1977. Prinz was president of the American Jewish Congress (1958-1966) and two-term chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. He served as a founding chairman of the 1963 March on Washington and spoke at the event.”

According to Wikipedia:

Dr. Prinz devoted much of his life in the United States to the Civil Rights movement. He saw the plight of African American and other minority groups in the context of his own experience under Hitler.

From his early days in Newark, a city with a very large minority community, he spoke from his pulpit about the disgrace of discrimination. He joined the picket lines across America protesting racial prejudice from unequal employment to segregated schools, housing and all other areas of life.

While serving as President of the American Jewish Congress, he represented the Jewish community as an organizer of the August 28, 1963, March on Washington. He came to the podium immediately following a stirring spiritual sung by the gospel singer Mahalia Jackson and just before Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Dr. Prinz’s address is remembered for its contention that, based on his experience as a rabbi in Nazi Germany after the rise of Hitler, in the face of discrimination, “the most urgent, the most disgraceful, the most shameful and the most tragic problem is silence.”

But this is a deceptive summary of the man and his ideological contortions in service of what he thought was best for the Jews, be that one moment supporting the Nazis and another moment supporting racial integration.

Kevin MacDonald wrote this month:

Assertions of Zionist racialism continued into the National Socialist period, where they dovetailed with National Socialist attitudes. Joachim Prinz, a German Jew who later became the head of the American Jewish Congress, celebrated Hitler’s ascent to power because it signaled the end of the Enlightenment values, which had resulted in assimilation and mixed marriage among Jews:

We want assimilation to be replaced by a new law: the declaration of belonging to the Jewish nation and the Jewish race. A state built upon the principle of the purity of nation and race can only be honoured and respected by a Jew who declares his belonging to his own kind…. For only he who honours his own breed and his own blood can have an attitude of honour towards the national will of other nations. The common ground of the racial Zionists and their non-Jewish counterparts included the exclusion of Jews from the German Volksgemeinschaft.

Indeed, shortly after Hitler came to power, the Zionist Federation of Germany submitted a memorandum to the German government outlining a solution to the Jewish question and containing the following remarkable statement.

The Federation declared that the Enlightenment view that Jews should be absorbed into the nation state discerned only the individual, the single human being freely suspended in space, without regarding the ties of blood and history or spiritual distinctiveness. Accordingly, the liberal state demanded of the Jews assimilation [via baptism and mixed marriage] into the non-Jewish environment…. Thus it happened that innumerable persons of Jewish origin had the chance to occupy important positions and to come forward as representatives of German culture and German life, without having their belonging to Jewry become visible. Thus arose a state of affairs which in political discussion today is termed “debasement of Germandom,” or “Jewification.”…Zionism has no illusions about the difficulty of the Jewish condition, which consists above all in an abnormal occupational pattern and in the fault of an intellectual and moral posture not rooted in one’s own tradition.

A few years ago, Kevin MacDonald wrote:

Harold Cruse, a black intellectual, presents a particularly trenchant analysis of the role of Jewish self-interest in their role in Jewish-black coalition: “Jews know exactly what they want in America.” Jews want cultural pluralism because of their long-term policy of nonassmilation and
group solidarity. Cruse notes, however, that the Jewish experience in Europe has shown them that “two can play this game” (i.e., develop highly nationalistic ethnocentric groups), and “when that happens, woe be to the side that is short on numbers.” Cruse observes that Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America,
presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority. At the same time, Jewish organizations have opposed a black nationalist position while pursuing an anti-assimilationist, nationalist group strategy for their own group.

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Does Neo-Nazi Media Kingpin Live on Upper East Side — With a Jewish Wife?

Chaim Amalek writes: “I could swear that this guy has been davening at my shul for the last few years. He’s always getting alliyas, too. And his wife makes a delicious brisket.”

It’s hilarious to see the words “neo-Nazi” and “kingpin” in the same sentence. How many millions of dollars do they think he has?


Does a key media neo-Nazi — hitherto anonymous — live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with his Jewish wife? That’s what reports from rival racist factions in the broader “alt-right” movement indicate.

Mike “Enoch,” head of neo-Nazi site The Right Stuff that puts out “The Daily Shoah” and “Fash the Nation” podcasts which also, most famously, developed the ((())) echoes plugin, has been exposed as Mike Peinovich, a software developer originally from Montclair, New Jersey.

By judicious removal of letters of his family name, Peinovich reportedly becomes “Enoch” — an allusion to British racial separatist politician Enoch Powell.

Nothing in the world of the “alt-right” agglomeration of misogynists, anti-Semites, and white supremacists is ever quite as it seems. What seems to have happened, though, is that resulting from a clash (on Red Ice Radio) about whether members should even speak to Jews, The Right Stuff crew got into a spat with an 8Chan group called Baphomet.

Baphomet responded by attacking the TRS site as well as revealing names, addresses and families of a number of key pseudonymous members of the “alt-right” including Enoch, who seems to have admitted the accusation.

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Mike Enoch’s Response to Doxxing

From Reddit thread:

* Yeah, we are not here to accept Jews with open arms. The guys behind all of the big podcasts on TRS all hang out together, meet up IRL, and have a major influence on the alt-right. They all knew Mike had a Jewish wife, and yet they kept quiet. We should not be sheep. We should not accept Jewish influence in a movement for white people. It’s not even like Mike’s wife is Jew-ish, she’s full blown Jewish, and fully embraces it. Mike needs to divorce and disavow his Jewish wife.

* Personally, while being well-versed on the JQ and the subversive behavior of Jews throughout history, I still keep a reasonable position to individual Jews-if they are not subversive individually. I was fine with Red Ice interviewing ‘Reactionary Jew’, I am fine with Richard Spencer talking to Paul Gottfried. But this Mike Enoch situation rustles me greatly, and frankly I cannot give Enoch a pass for this.
From what I have seen on 8chan, Enoch’s wife is not only a Jew, but a diversity-promoting, LGBT-promoting liberal. She is literally the stereotype that the TRS guys make fun of on their shows. I’ve listened to the Shoah for quite a while and constantly hear them criticizing people for being ‘soft on the JQ’, while, as we now know, Mike Enoch is married to a left-wing jew. It is completely hypocritical.

I actually think Mike’s beliefs in WN are sincere, and he probably married her prior to his conversion to WN. It does ring alarms that an ethnically conscious Jew is married to someone she knows hosts a podcast called the ‘Daily Shoah’. But I trust Mike enough to believe he is not a total fraud.

Regardless, this is very disappointing and undermines the further right section of our movement. Personally, it will be hard for me to take the Shoah seriously again-if it continues. I don’t see any point in Mike stepping down from the podcast-TBH there would be no point with just Sven.

* The only real opsec is never meeting in person and never telling anyone your true identity. /pol/ has always known this. TRS mocked them for being paranoid, but now we know that was a psyop to get gullible people to compromise themselves through donations and pool parties.

* FTN can get doxxed because they have recognizable voices. All it takes is someone hearing it and thinking, “Is that Bob? That is Bob… Wow.” – and then if that person talks about it with others the info inexorably spreads.
Just look at it – if they succeed and become popular – assured doxxing.
If they just keep doing what they do and it burbles along – eventual doxxing based on more and more ppl hearing their voices.
McFeels and Halberstram can’t count on keeping it secret forever.

* Yep. Even your unique writing style or ideas can be sufficient to identify you, if you get enough attention. See Ted Kaczynski.

* He’s [in] the position of atheist vicar: He cannot lead a movement his life contradicts. He will have to choose, and he will choose his wife.

* How would you know they were not being subversive? The whole idea of subversion is fooling the person[s] through feigned sincerity. How many times must it be said on here? NO JEWS.

* Individual Jews can be good people, but so can blacks. Get enough blacks to congregate and they chimp out, get enough Jews together and they start being subversive and power-grabbing.
It’s genetic. No Jews or sympathizers, ever.

* Well that’s unfortunate, FTN and TDS were my workout podcasts.
Kind of happy I never tried to sign up for their forums and the “extreme vetting”

* The US movement has to stop basing itself on these edge anonymous social media accounts and start building organisations.
Do you think the front national have gotten to the point where they could very well take the presidency by writing edgy stuff as trollboy1488 on twitter? No they have rallies in the middle of the city and act as an actual political party.
Also it becomes a lot easier to take the heat from the system if you are using the organisations brand instead of your own brand.
We need to focus much more on organisations and a lot less on individuals.
With that said this brutal fear of doxing is ridiculous. How do you expect to achieve anything if you panic and run away if they mention your name. Can the nsa kill the movement by dumping some info?
In Europe we have demonstrations with tens of thousands of people, intell agencies and antifa are there with cameras but we don’t care. We are here to win.

* Enoch’s wife is a jew who works as a diversity officer.
A few weeks ago Cernovich sent a cryptic tweet saying a hardline alt-right leader is worried because people will soon discover he married a jew.

* Try to imagine how odd things must be around their house. She’s got to have been thinking, “if people find out about Mikes hobby, I’m going to be in hot water at work.”
Anyone can play any of the podcasts of the last two years and you hear her husband saying totally heretical things.
He knows, “if people find out about my hobby, the shit hits the fan – a volcano of bullshit.” It is hard to imagine what typical office can hire him.
Those guys are both in hot water now. That’s before you even consider the fact that their Alt-Right fans are confused, saddened, afraid or pissed off.

* The only thing I’m dismayed at is the purity spiraling. I’ll still listen to whatever these guys produce (probably). I mean shit, you can be married to someone you don’t agree with; fuck, you can be married to someone you HATE, my parents did it for 20 years. Or you can think she’s a degenerate and still try to foster the good. Because that’s what people do.
I’m not trying to defend anything, but goddamn, if someone pushes for our cause, and in such a high profile, then they’re my ally. Mike’s still doing more for the cause than I am BY FAR.

* In less than one year I’ve completely redpilled my wife. From dyed in the wool liberal to full fash. She’s right on race, gender, poz, and the JQ. It wasn’t that hard.
So I kinda find it hard to believe that he could be sincere and have his wife of 10 years running around with trannies.
Plus, look at how fat he is. He looks like a slob. He’s no leader of men. He’s Howard Stern.

* But how Jewish? Because if 1/4 or less, I don’t give a shit. Kids only 1/8 skype still can be accepted IMO.

* I’m more disappointed by how fat he is than anything. Though something about that voice always sounded slobbish.
People really need to understand the importance of aesthetics. It’s a big part of rhetoric. I don’t care how good your facts and arguments are if you look like a fat fuck no one is going to take you seriously. If you’re not, at the least, an average looking dude, then you should focus on that before you do anything else.
“You’re not going to beat the hell out of anything. You won’t even go to the gym, look how fat you are.”

* Seriously, most of these posts are CTR, antifa-types trying to stir up trouble. So Mike’s wife is a quarter jew? Does that really take away from all the amazing material he’s put out there? I mean if he were “controlled opposition” then they aren’t controlling him very well since he’s made some of the most effective propaganda in the entire movement.

* His ideas are so much more powerful than anything she is accomplishing as a “diversity officer”.

* TRS is basically a cult of personality around Mike Enoch, and this demonstrates what I’ve long believed, that Mike is disingenuous and TRS was always about ego and narcissism for him. It doesn’t represent a “movement,” and he doesn’t believe half of what he says. He used Jewish trickery to get people agreeing with him about everything and deployed the “counter-signal” meme to quell dissent.
This isn’t the time to circle the wagons. It’s another Joshua Goldberg situation. If you find yourself still wanting to defend TRS, step back and do some self-reflection.

* I’m sick of this one-drop BS, and putting runaway Jew-hatred ahead of the pro-white agenda.
We’re facing a future of minority-white, multiracial hellscape cities, but instead of keeping the energy high and bringing the fight, some people are willing to jettison the strongest allied voices because they don’t check all the boxes on their list of pure Aryan qualifications.
This is fake drama for keyboard warrior roleplayers, not people who are committed to the cause of changing minds.

* People here are confusing “having standards” with “purity spiraling”.
One of the fundamental rules of any WN org that I’ve ever known of is that you aren’t permitted to be a member if you have a non-white dependant. Meaning current spouse or child.
I get that people weren’t born with a swastika birthmark but you have a choice to make when you become aware of the JQ and race realism while being married to a non-white: either leave your partner or stop calling yourself a WN. That said, I don’t know if Mike identifies as a WN or the more nebulous label of “alt-right”.
I don’t have a problem with people calling themselves alt-right or pro-white while having low standards. The terms are too vague to mean much to me. However, anyone who calls themselves a WN while having a non-white partner needs to realize that they are not welcome.

From /pol/:

* >Mike Peinovich (alias “Mike Enoch”) is the founder and leader of The Right Stuff (TRS), an online hub of podcasting and networking for “Alt Right” neo-Nazis. TRS prides itself in it’s “edgy” podcasts, delighting in taking Alt Right politics to their logical conclusion, including favorable references to the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, gaybashing, Islamophobic hate crimes, police shootings of black youth, and much more, often couched in a sizeable canon of hateful neologisms that require their own TRS-written lexicon to decipher. But don’t let the goofy jokes and veneer of irony fool you — TRS is dead serious, and central to a hard-core, explicitly neo-Nazi tendency in the Alt Right movement.
>Peinovich’s pseudonym, taken from the white nationalists statesman Enoch Powell (and from removing a few letters from his own last name) is not as well known as the names Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Milo Yiannopolous, and others who have forsaken private life and seem to revel in notoriety. But this does not make Peinovich any less important to the Alt Right than these figures. The only difference is Peinovich covets his anonymity, fearing the loss of his lucrative tech job (last listed as a company called Vook, which was renamed to Pronoun), backlash in his Upper East Side neighborhood, and alienation from his liberal family, rooted in the affluent suburb of Montclair New Jersey. Far from the spotlight, Peinovich has created a dangerous neo-Nazi media and social network… on a quiet street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
The Best part:
>Michael Peinovich, aka Mike Enoch with wife Ames Freidman-Peinovich, aka Ames Friedman, aka Lisbeth Ames.
>wife Ames Freidman

* Published on Dec 23, 2016: This cracked me up start to finish. I’m Jewish and I love that nothing was too sacred for Detox in this performance. Jew approved. Hilarious. Loved the dancers. Detox, performing This is How We Jew It, from the first Christmas Queens album. Live at PlayStation Theater, NY 12/11/16

* I’m honestly pretty surprised that a jew is behind TRS, because it’s something that’s so manifestly bad for the jews.
I suppose there’s a chance that the entire dox is a trap that they laid out in the past (I’ve often thought that the easiest way to protect yourself online is to leave a trail that points to someone else rather than nobody), but we’ll see in the future. There’s audio of Enoch’s wife doing anti-semitic shit on one of the shoahs, and he mentions multiple times that she’s on board with what he espouses (which includes jews in ovens).
Of course, if he was just a lazy faggot…this is fucking hilarious. All those trs supporters aren’t going to have anywhere to go but here and the Daily Stormer. Assuming they actually integrate, the destruction of this particular set of jewish tricks will just lead to us growing in size and influence to an incredible degree.

* TRS is not the kind of anti-semitism that jews actually like existing. They prop up harmless and transparently offensive stuff that doesn’t go into great detail about why people would actually hate jews. They scrawl swastikas on Synagogues and smear shit in jewish neighborhoods – they don’t hand out copies of The Culture of Critique or the Oded Yinon plan.

* I’m absolutely not surprised that Kike Enoch turns out to be actually deep in Jewry. I called it in 2015 yet couldn’t prove it. At the time it was only a fucking hunch which came out 100% true. I thought it was extremely suspicious that a man living in Jew-York, of all places, using so many kike media techniques to promote and create his “media empire for fashy goys (god I hate that retarded term)” was not somehow related to the tribe. Glad to see my jewdar is finely tuned.

* The jew wife also works at a place called Jimpact to spread ‘diversity’ around to businesses and other places. Including, but not limited to, Capital One Bank, Harvard, Comcast, Rutgers University, Aflac, Johnson & Johnson, Jack in the Box, and the fucking NSA.

>Our work across key markets with some of the worldʼs leading organizations has helped us develop a range of leadership, communication and diversity tools. From creating unprecedented levels of engagement and performance in the workforce, to diversity workshops
>Leadership Workshops and solutions are essential for creating new possibilities for leadership through self-reinvention, and for reinforcing behaviors essential to successful leadership models including trust, motivation, empowerment, diversity, cross cultural competency
>Fostering Cultures of Inclusion is a highly interactive workshop that provides participants the opportunity to overcome the limiting notions of mainstream diversity
>Transformational Diversity Training Techniques is designed to empower trainers, leaders and others who lead diversity initiatives in their organizations
>This workshop catalyzes a call to action by providing an opportunity for mindset shifts, behavior modifications and a customized action plan to adapt to constant change
>our team Ames Friedman Peinovich Chief Marketing Officer
>Prior to her work with JIMPACT Enterprises, Ames enjoyed a pioneering career in new media. First, she worked with the original web powerhouse, AOL, as a Director leading editorial, product and business management
>she directed business management at AOL Music
>Her reputation as a creative leader in launching online properties for major media companies led NBC to romance Ames to join their NBC Local Media group
>With NBC, she led online coverage of the historic election of Barack Obama, a life-changing experience for Ames
How does TRS defend any of this

* If this turns out to be true, there’s going to be hell to pay. Enoch has said he has a day job and has referenced an office from time to time. Could this perhaps be a bullshit link that is an attempt to force his hand into dropping actual dox on himself?

* No, we need to start local groups now. TRS did a good job in kindling the nationalism that was emerging, but now it’s up to us to move into the real world.

* So let me see if I can get this summary of the alt-right straight:
>AmRen is super cozy w/ Jews
>Spencer and RedIce both tried to push the “Reactionary Jew” angle and also invited literal fags to NPI
>American Vanguard is run by a literal weeb high school student
>Ghoul sold out TRS leadership and AV members to try and save himself
>SS and Bulby got doxed by /baph/
>Enoch, the guy who runs TRS, is literally part of the Tribe
Am I missing anything? Doesn’t this make Anglin extremely suspicious since he was part of this Enoch-Spencer-Anglin triumverate?

* I wish I had access to the TRS forums so I could witness the meltdown when they find out their glorious leader and his wife are juden.

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