Are There Any Roman Catholic Countries Low In Corruption & High In Social Trust To Compare With Anglo Countries?

Ryan White, director of the Netflix docu-series The Keepers, says: “Baltimore is a very Catholic city where the separation of church and state … there’s not a strong line of demarcation. There’s too much power of the Catholic Church in Baltimore and Father Maskell is a key figure in that. Father Maskell was the chaplain for the Baltimore Police, for the state police and for the Air National Guard. He was well-connected to politicians, gynecologists, psychiatrists. So when you have a church in a city like Baltimore that exerts such control and where priests — especially during this time period in the late ’60s and early ’70s — were chaplains administering to these institutions, that’s what can lead to these cover-ups. The documentary broadens in scope as it evolves into the modern day, but even in today’s Baltimore and Maryland, we still see the power exerted by the Catholic Church to prevent victims from getting any legal recourse.”

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The McLaughlin Group

“It is not fun to watch public arguments between two people who legitimately hate each other, as they will inevitably spend 95 percent of the conversation pretending they’re cordial. Real enemies can only disagree once; after that, they will only do battle in absentia or in court. If you want people to go for the jugular every single weekend, they need to enjoy the foe they’re assaulting.” – Chuck Klosterman, on why The McLaughlin Group succeeded, Esquire, 2008

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First They Came For The Anti-Semities

Comment: First they came for the anti-semites, but I didn’t speak out, because I’m not an anti-semite.
Then they came for the racists, but I didn’t speak out, because I’m not a racist.
Then they came for the Conservatives, but I didn’t speak out, because I’m not a Conservative.
Then they came for the moderates, but I didn’t speak out, because I’m not a moderate.
Then I threw a party, because I’m a communist.

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Hamilton – The Musical

Comment: There are songs on youtube but basically it’s unlistenable unless you like rap music. And the Venn diagram overlap of people who like rap and people who like American history is very small. It’s not like the tunes are hummable and the complex wordy lyrics would take a lot of effort to memorize.

The main fun of Hamilton is watching all these black and brown people pretend to be the Founding Fathers and knowing that the seemingly erudite lyrics were written by an Hispanic – an update minstrel show as someone said. If Hamilton had an all white cast no one would see it and people would be complaining about white people culturally appropriating rap. If you listen to the songs you can’t really tell the color of the singers so that takes all the fun out of listening to the cast recording. White guy pretending to be Alexander Hamilton rapping to lyrics written by a white guy about the Federal government assuming the war debts of the states – boooring. No one would see it. The whole thing is pure racial virtue signaling just like all the commercials where the pretend doctor/lawyer/financial advisor/scientist is black. It’s sort of the reverse of Hollywood where you see a Hollywood movie about LA and there are all these blond white people and then you step out into the street and all you see are a bunch of Mestizos.

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‘The Siege’

Comment: “The Siege was a good movie, and was prescient in terms of future Islamophobia concerns, but not in terms of how the U.S. and other Western societies would react to terrorism. IIRC, the triggering terrorism in The Siege caused fewer deaths than 9/11, but after 9/11 nothing like The Siege happened. Not only didn’t we intern American Muslims, but we imported more Muslim immigrants over the next 10 years than we had in the 10 years leading up to 9/11.”

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