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LA’s Mayor Villaraigosa Headed For Higher Office?

Mickey Kaus tweets: So without Luke Ford, Villaraigosa wld be considered a success? NYT leaves that impression. Villaraigosa’s “national stage” is ceremonial Obama job. He ain’t about to be elected 2 “bigger” office. Nagourney going w/ the hype program.

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Barack Obama’s Marriage Kaput?

I’ve noticed various stories on the Drudge Report over the past couple of months that indicate the president’s marriage is in trouble. This past week, I saw: White House reporters abuzz over wedding ring-less president… ‘It’s getting repaired’… On January … Continue reading

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Making History With The Mayor

Joe emails: Some people study history, you make it. Villaraigosa would have easily won as governor. I mean, if the election of Obama shows us anything it is that the power of myth in politics is all powerful. With Obama, … Continue reading

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Mayor Dating Another TV News Reporter

I think the primary reason there’s less excitement about the mayor’s latest fling is that the mayor is no longer regarded as having a significant political future. He’s yesterday’s news. "Just like you, lad!," emails D. "You’ve been over and … Continue reading

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Visits Bnai David Wednesday Night For Kol Nidre

The mayor is a friend of the Jews and appears at synagogues around town. He can talk confidently about the weekly Torah portion. It’s hard to dislike this guy. He has a great smile and a sunny personality.

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