Mayor Dating Another TV News Reporter

I think the primary reason there’s less excitement about the mayor’s latest fling is that the mayor is no longer regarded as having a significant political future. He’s yesterday’s news.

"Just like you, lad!," emails D. "You’ve been over and done for some time now. Like fair-dinkum yesterday’s paper, you are. At least you have prospects as a chauffeur. You’re a disgrace to the family name, boy! No matter how much you crow like a blasted jackdaw that you’re a "writer," until you move beyond self-publication in the vanity press and on the Internet, you’re NOTHING! At least your brother Paul is a child who makes a father proud. Oriental wife and half-breed kids included. Just be prepared that on some dark night, you’ll awaken to see me bringing down a shovel square into your face. It’ll be the last thing you see before leaving this world, whelp. Now, go drive back to Norwalk. You’re yesterday’s news."

From the Los Angeles Times:

Over the weekend, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was spotted perusing the merchandise in a Larchmont bookstore with a local television reporter who is also a former Miss USA. 

Earlier today, NBC Channel 4’s L.A. news website posted a story about the sighting, including a snapshot of the two together inside Chevalier’s bookstore with the mayor casually dressed, wearing shades and having a laugh. The woman, Lu Parker of KTLA Channel 5, is a general assignment news reporter and weekend anchor for the station.

And that made it newsworthy, given that the mayor’s prior relationship with a different TV reporter coincided with the widely publicized breakup of his marriage.

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