Making History With The Mayor

Joe emails: Some people study history, you make it. Villaraigosa would have easily won as governor. I mean, if the election of Obama shows us anything it is that the power of myth in politics is all powerful. With Obama, the myth was that by electing a black man, America made up for its sins. Among youth who are brainwashed this was the subconscious and subliminal reason to vote for Obama – the vote actually had meaning.

Villaraigosa is the same thing for California. First off, he would have gotten all the mexican vote and then some. Then, he would have assembled a powerful base among the liberal leadership who would have viewed him as to California’s solutions as Juan Valdez is to the Colombian coffee bean. Just as Obama assembled a shock troop of racial therapeutic types, so too would have villaraigosa. Any Jew with shekels and a conscience would have been drawn to this ex gang banger and general degenerate as a means of redemption for the state’s essential enslavement of a mexican underclass.

Now, mind you, there are plenty in California who view the Mexican invasion as the cause of our problem, but not in the democratic primary. No one would have dared said anything to the effect of the mexicans are bankrupting us or they should be sent back until we have the money to pay for them.

He would have won it going away even over Newsom with all his millions from the Gettys and over Brown’s name recognition. Simply put, the days of the white male in power are ending quickly, and especially in the democratic party.

Then, he would have cleaned up over whatever sacrificial lamb the republicans put up.

But, once you outed the mayor as a guy who likes to bang grade C poon and lie about it, it started a real bad mess for him. First off, he was tarnished and, worse, unrepentant. Newsom had an affair (he banged a married woman), but apologized. Villaraigosa had an affair and made no apologies. Even worse, she was in the media. More worse, he is doing the same thing with Lu Parker. Finally, because Villaraigosa was distracted, his relection was messy. He should have won at least 60% of the vote over the neandertals who ran against him. He barely got 55% and the only paper touting him is the Jewish Journal.

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