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R. Elchonon Wasserman

Jeff emails: “He was the most strident in keeping people from leaving. He was close to the Chofetz Chaim. I was never a big Litvak fan, despite all the postings on the internet with the revisionist ArtScroll history, I actually … Continue reading

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A distressing decision about the military

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke, I’m a VietNam veteran (once in a neglectful moment, you referred to me as a World War II veteran, which would have made me about 80 or 90 instead of only 15 or 20 years … Continue reading

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Did ‘The Pianist’ Have A Point?

I saw this movie with a gorgeous shiksa in a dark and empty theater and one thing led to another and we were groping each other in the dark like there was no tomorrow. Pictures of the Holocaust do that … Continue reading

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‘The Rape of Europa’

No, rabbi, I was not looking at an R-rated movie. I don’t pollute my mind with such forbidden images. This is a documentary about the Nazis grab for art during World War II and how the good guys got most … Continue reading

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Child Molesters & The Pope

Rav Adlerstein writes: The plague of molestation and cover-up in the Orthodox community is one of those circumstances. If you have not yet read some of Rav Yaakov Horowitz’s pieces, read them and cringe. His courageous writing is getting progressively … Continue reading

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