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The Case For Concubines

In his third lecture on Rabbi Chalom Messas for Torah in Motion, Rabbi Marc B. Shapiro says: [In 2006], Zvi Zohar in Israel, an expert in Sephardic halacah, just came out with a book on 20th Century Sephardic rabbis. He … Continue reading

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It Sucks To Be Me

All these great rabbis are marrying off their daughters. And here I am, 43 years old, almost 44, and I am still unmarried. Is it not a tradition in Jewish life to marry off the most worthy daughters to the … Continue reading

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Seen and Heard At A Shabbos Table

* The Orthodox couple are in their thirties. They’re having guests who are new to Orthodox Judaism. The host wife keeps using the word “shvartze” and then apologizing for it. Her rabbi says Jews shouldn’t use that word. The husband … Continue reading

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Racism In Orthodox Judaism

Aliza Hausman, a Dominican convert to Orthodox Judaism, writes for the Jewish Journal: My husband and I started speaking out about racism in the Jewish community when a friend asked us to speak at a synagogue in Washington Heights, in … Continue reading

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Tragedy on the Lake

Rav Adlerstein writes Sept. 1: Tranquil water, clear blue skies, and clean air, all but an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. The beauty of the place clashed so ironically with the grim task of our visit to Lake Piru. For … Continue reading

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