Seen and Heard At A Shabbos Table

* The Orthodox couple are in their thirties. They’re having guests who are new to Orthodox Judaism.

The host wife keeps using the word “shvartze” and then apologizing for it. Her rabbi says Jews shouldn’t use that word.

The husband starts talking about how the Pico-Robertson neighborhood was filled with “shvartzes.”

The wife corrects him. “Honey, don’t say shvartze. Say colored.”

* I remember an incident from a dozen years ago when I was a member of Ohr HaTorah, a Reform congregation.

We had a weekly class at YULA given by an Orthodox rabbi. On the first night, he starts talking about the different theories on low black intelligence. Is it genetic or is it the environment?

Many members of the class were offended and the rabbi made an abject apology the next week.

* I’ve noticed that black immigrants to this country from the West Indies or Africa complain — not about whites, but about how American blacks treat them.

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