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Heshy Fried On Frum Sex Scandals

Read or watch the whole interview here. Here’s an excerpt: Heshy: “Everything offends someone. If you want to get offended, you get offended. In the frum community, it’s even worse. I did a show where I talked about my dating … Continue reading

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Reb Moshe’s Lonely Stand On Seclusion

The law against “Yichud” (seclusion) is normally understood in orthodox Jewish law as preventing a man and a woman (who are not married, nor family members) from being together alone in a room. Given the bevy of women who traipse … Continue reading

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Knocking On Heaven’s Door

In his second class for Torah in Motion on Rabbi Ben Zion Uziel, Dr. Marc B. Shapiro says: There was a time 30 years ago when, if you had a question for Reb Moshe Feinstein, the greatest posek of the … Continue reading

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In heretofore secret documents now finally unveiled by the Leader, Reb Moshe lays out his plans for his very own website (grammatical and spelling mistakes are in the original): Through the gift of ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), HaShem showed me … Continue reading

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A Reb Moshe Story

(This was published by Reb Moshe’s family after his death.) When Reb Moshe Feinstein was 35 (in the 1930s), he said that a certain type of mikveh that most rabbis said was not kosher was kosher. Reb Moshe made his … Continue reading

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