A Reb Moshe Story

(This was published by Reb Moshe’s family after his death.)

When Reb Moshe Feinstein was 35 (in the 1930s), he said that a certain type of mikveh that most rabbis said was not kosher was kosher. Reb Moshe made his wife go there. According to her family’s traditions, this type of mikveh was not kosher, but Reb Moshe knew that if she didn’t go there, other Jews would shun the mikveh. Still, Reb Moshe did not have marital relations with his wife for the five years she used this mikveh.

I wonder if this story really happened and if so, was Reb Moshe doing the right thing?

Gary emails:

Luke: You are just lazy which is why your reportage constantly nosedives from promise to truly detrimental garbage. You really don’t have to write everything that crosses your desk without bothering to invest two legitimate minutes of investigative effort beforehand.

Reb Moshe sired four children in his mid to late 30s, none within two years age of the next. You do the math. That is not sloppy journalism, that is just a basic lack of minimal effort on your part to check basic biographical facts first.

Nice urban legend by ghetto standards, however.

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