In heretofore secret documents now finally unveiled by the Leader, Reb Moshe lays out his plans for his very own website (grammatical and spelling mistakes are in the original):

Through the gift of ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), HaShem showed me the internet many years before its invention. While HaShem never allowed me into this promised land, I’m leaving behind the type of website that will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

Welcome to!

Thank you for visiting my website. A very successful, New York-based decider of Jewish law, Reb Moshe has personally struggled through difficult economic, spiritual and political downturns in the past, and now wishes to help eliminate the problems that all Americans are experiencing presently. Reb Moshe has a number of intriguing ideas that he believes — if implemented — would help bring America back to its standard as the greatest country on the planet. He also wants to work to prevent future economic downturns, and help completely eliminate America’s entire national debt, so that we do not pass it down to future generations. This website will regularly update Reb Moshe’s proposals for the nation, and will also include U.S. Government and Media responses to his thought-provoking and, some might say, radical, ideas.

Who is Reb Moshe?

Reb Moshe is the number one posek in the world.

The purpose of this website is to share the teachings of Reb Moshe. Reb Moshe has been a beloved and sometimes controversial spiritual teacher on the cutting edge for many years.

He has inspired many, comforted the afflicted, and afflicted the comfortable. He reflects back to people their most gorgeous selves, shares teachings of love, pricks egos, and calls others, by his very being, to truth and integrity. For some Reb Moshe is a teacher, for others a spiritual friend, for still others a spiritual artist, and for still others a revolutionary catalyst of social change and evolution.

In the words of one leading American spiritual teacher and second wave feminist, “Reb Moshe combines radical brilliance with a willingness to be vulnerable, and radical kindness with an ability to probe deeply into texts?liberating the light and challenging the shadows of the human heart.”

In his self-description, published several years ago in both his Hebrew and English books, Reb Moshe writes, “I, like every person, am a flawed yet ever evolving human being. I seek purification and healing, even as I delight in realization. I am a passionate lover of God, of people, of wisdom, and of all being. I am called to realize and help others to realize our potential for being the most gorgeous and unique manifestations of the divine, which is our true nature.” At this stage in his evolution, Reb Moshe seeks to merge the artistic sharing of wisdom with direct social action.

The purpose of all of Reb Moshe’s creative endeavors and teachings is two-fold:

  • To help individuals live better lives
  • To contribute to the spiritual and ethical evolution of reality as we know it

Reb Moshe is one of the most sought-after speaker in the Jewish world. He regularly answers questions from people in the UK, United States, South Africa, South America and Australia.

Reb Moshe is a regular on the Howard Stern show and is one of Richard Nixon’s five spiritual advisors.

Rebbenzen Tzipproh Heller says: "Listen to Reb Moshe speak is fun. The demarcation between one of his lectures and entertainment is that it is impossible for his words to force all but the most unwilling listener to thinking deeply."

Rabbi Berl Wein says: "Reb Moshe is an outstanding, provocative, informative and entertaining speaker. He always has something to say and says it well. He is a fascinating person with a sense of humor and a gift for reachings peoples minds and souls."

In his spare time, Reb Moshe is the rosh yeshiva of Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem. Reb Moshe says: "We’re the 15th best yeshiva in the United States, so we try harder! We’re not arrogant like those bochers in Lakewood!"

Reb Moshe enjoys studying Torah and playing ping-pong with the teens in his yeshiva, dancing the hora with the pre-schoolers at their Shabbat program, joining with the Yankee fans during their hakafah on Simhat Torah and, most of all, spending time with his wife and kids.

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