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The Westwood Jewish Center

I had the privilege of speaking twice at this magnificent shul on Shabbos. In 2006, the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles reported: With its sparkling 24-karat gold dome and Jerusalem stone exterior, the new 25,000-square-foot Southern California Jewish Center (SCJC) … Continue reading

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Reb Moshe Sat Up Straight

When I mention the Alexander Technique to people, they often stiffen and push themselves up in a rigid way. “Is this good Alexander Technique?” they often ask. No, it is not. You’d be better off with your habitual slump, I … Continue reading

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Orthodox Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky Attacks Bloggers

Here’s the controversy. Rabbi Shimon Kurland writes: Thank you for your email regarding Rabbi Orlofsky. The clip you heard on the internet was from a shiur Rabbi Orlofsky gave over five years ago to a group of Kollel students in … Continue reading

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The Olympic Rabbi

From Haaretz: There is one man at the Beijing Olympic village who is not officially classified as an athlete, but runs as many kilometers as the competitors. He too began preparing for the Olympics many years ago and he too … Continue reading

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