The Westwood Jewish Center

I had the privilege of speaking twice at this magnificent shul on Shabbos.

In 2006, the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles reported:

With its sparkling 24-karat gold dome and Jerusalem stone exterior, the new 25,000-square-foot Southern California Jewish Center (SCJC) stands out more than just a little among the various stores and restaurants, many of them Persian-owned, that line Westwood Boulevard. A four-story building whose construction has been on-going for the past three years, it has turned more than a few heads because of its opulent, distinctive architecture.

“Everyone that drives by or walks by tells me it reminds them of Jerusalem,” said Rabbi Shimon Kashani, SCJC founder. “This is not just another synagogue, but a center where people can get recharged as far as Judaism is concerned.”

After spending $2.8 million on the property and nearly $3 million for construction, Kashani has plenty to be proud of, as the new state-of-the-art center includes an elegant and elaborate synagogue, a Jewish day school and after-school program, summer camp, day-care center and three mikvahs, all under one roof.

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