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Shmuley’s Boteach’s Arms-Dealing Father

The LA Weekly reports: The connections could be seen last year, when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council President Eric Garcetti attended the Beverly Hills launch of the star-studded charity Turn Friday Night Into Family Night, founded by Rabbi Shmuley … Continue reading

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Yisroel Pensack: Israel’s Sharon-Induced Coma

It’s time for the Israeli government and the rational, patriotic Jewish citizens of Israel to awaken from their stuporous slumber and realize that Israel’s August, 2005, uprooting and forced withdrawal of Jewish residents from Gaza has been an unmitigated military, … Continue reading

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How The Haredim Took Control In Israel

The Haredim have been yelling about the illegitimacy of Modern Orthodox conversions for many years. Only now do they have the political power to delegitimize such conversions. When the Mizrachi aka religious Zionists aka the Modern Orthodox in Israel opposed … Continue reading

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Two Assaults On Religious Zionism

Caroline Glick writes:   Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza was presented to the world as a strategic bid to enhance prospects for peace between the Palestinians and Israel. Proponents of the move argued that removing all Israeli civilians and military … Continue reading

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