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Greg Leake – Shabbos Goy

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke, I’ve been out of action because of rotator cuff surgery. The stitches are out, and I’m doing physical therapy, probably won’t be able to throw a left hook for 6 months. A drag. In your … Continue reading

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His Rabbi’s Face

There’s a midrash (ancient rabbinic story) that when Joseph was tempted by Potiphar’s wife, a vision of his father’s face came to his mind and that stopped him from sinning. There’s a strong tie many Jews feel with their rabbi … Continue reading

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A New Direction

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke, The other day in a post you made that could be associated with this one, called ‘When Did I Hit Bottom?‘, you had an inspired comment by Chaim Amalek. He suggested that your real problem … Continue reading

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I Got A Bracha (Blessing) On Shabbos

On Friday night, an Orthodox acquaintance walked over to me and asked, “Do you want a bracha?” “I’m sorry?” I said. “Do you want a bracha?” “Umm, yes,” I said and bowed my head. He said that he wished me … Continue reading

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Baseball, Dennis and the French

This is a terrific new movie available to purchase on the website. Baseball, Dennis & the French tells the true story of Paul Croshaw, longtime liberal activist and connoisseur of French films, who amazed his family, friends and himself by … Continue reading

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