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Andrea Thompson Commentaries

Steam Chip emails: I just emerged from my cave a few weeks ago and discovered who Andrea Thompson is. Consider anything I write from here on in this particular context — it is NEW news to me. Next week I’ll … Continue reading

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This Week’s Torah Portion Tazria-Metzora 5769

Steve Brizel writes: Yom HaShoah R. Aharon Lichtenstein reminds and exhorts us to respond , but not to offer theodicy-based explanations for the Holocaust: link R. Tamir Granot explores various hashkafic perspectives on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust: link R. Hershel … Continue reading

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Rabbis Ethics Initiative Hits Pico-Robertson

The Jewish Journal reports: But Peulat Sachir organizers are preparing for a wave of criticism nonetheless. Much of the debate over the initiative revolves around one question: Is labor ethics a Jewish issue? Fine, the owner of Pat’s Restaurant and … Continue reading

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Coming To Judaism

Rabbi Avi Shafran writes: A long, long time ago, when I was much younger, even more foolish and living in California, I used a motorcycle for personal transportation. I remember once riding my mid-sized Honda, tzitzit-fringes flying behind me, into … Continue reading

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Accused Spy Cries Anti-Semitism

Lou emails: "Luke, It might interest you to know that at the time David Tenenbaum was accused of being a spy for Israel, he was a member of Rabbi Weil’s synagogue in the Detroit area. Rabbi Weil provided great moral … Continue reading

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