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Jewish News

* Which married Orthodox LA pulpit rabbi has his ladies dress up as Yavneh school children? * The plaything of rabbis? The handover of Shannon Orand from Rabbi Tovia Singer To Rabbi Leib Tropper? * Hitler finds out Young Israel … Continue reading

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Orthodox Bible Study

Rabbi Gil Student writes: Rabbi Hayyim Angel, an extremely popular Bible professor and the rabbi of a large and storied synagogue in Manhattan. He recently published his second book — Revealed Texts, Hidden Meanings: Finding the Religious Significance in Tanakh … Continue reading

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Was Bible Scholar Nechama Leibowitz A Feminist?

Rabbi Gil Student writes: The main question discussed is Nehama’s relationship with feminism. On the one hand, she was a female Torah teacher long before they became common, as they now are in some communities. And she was such a … Continue reading

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The Nechama Leibowitz Biography

Rabbi Gil Student writes: In discussing the new 600-page biography by Yael Unterman, Nehama Leibowitz: Teacher and Bible Scholar, a friend remarked that he didn’t like it at all because it is just a collection of ma’aselakh, stories. I told … Continue reading

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