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* Which married Orthodox LA pulpit rabbi has his ladies dress up as Yavneh school children?
* The plaything of rabbis? The handover of Shannon Orand from Rabbi Tovia Singer To Rabbi Leib Tropper?
* Hitler finds out Young Israel of Century City let Rabbi Jason Weiner go!
* Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Clarifies His Rabbi Jesus Comments
* Gorgeous Dating Columnist Orit Arfa Interviewed About Her New Book

From Hirhurim:

  • Ex-IDF rabbis: Halacha is above military orders: link
  • Fallout from gay debate rocks YU: link
  • Gay YU panel broadens discussion, debate (note the issue of “agenda”): link
  • R. Shlomo Aviner’s opposition to Breslav chassidus: link
  • Bring back the communal cold shoulder: link
  • Because of Charedi internet ban, largest Charedi website is run by secular Israeli: link
  • Rabbinic Court head forced to step down: link
  • Uranus and Neptune receive Hebrew names (Oron and Rahav): link
  • ADL: Pius XII did not save Jews in WWII: link
  • Highest rate Of North American aliyah in over two decades: link
  • Article about Drisha series on Nechama Leibowitz: link

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