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Swiss Vote to Ban New Minarets

The New York Times reports:  Switzerland’s political right on Sunday scored a surprising victory in a referendum on banning construction of minarets, denting the nation’s cherished image as a bastion of tolerance and threatening to set it at odds with … Continue reading

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Maia Lazar In Europe

 cecilemldubois:  hey tell your readers i partied it up in kosovo  Luzdedos1:  ok, how’s your trip?  cecilemldubois:  awesome  cecilemldubois:  in skopje now  cecilemldubois:  I’m moving in a year to this region  Luzdedos1:  why?  Luzdedos1:  is that when you graduate?  cecilemldubois:  … Continue reading

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I’m Live On My Cam

And giving signs that could change your life.  Luzdedos1:  I’m live on my cam! CecileMLDubois:  ooh CecileMLDubois:  im at school now. i will check it out when i get home Luzdedos1:  k, u good? CecileMLDubois:  yeah…I  have three papers tod … Continue reading

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