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The Difference Between Theology And Values

Theology does not matter much. Many Christians believe I am going to hell because I left Christianity, rejected Jesus Christ, and converted to Orthodox Judaism. Yet these very Christians treat me and other Jews beautifully. They support Israel. You can … Continue reading

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Jewish News

From TorahMusings.com: ▪ The Pollard Spy Case, 25 Years Later ▪ Food Justice and Flaum Appetizing ▪ Rav Nebenzahl: Call off Jerusalem food festival ▪ Survey aims to measure the changing Jewish vote ▪ Jewish Texts Lost in War Are … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t Jews Debating Believers In Jesus?

Eric Zorn blogs: The obituary — Moishe Rosen dies at 78; founder of Jews for Jesus prompts me to ask readers about something that’s long mystified and impressed me: “Given that the divinity of Jesus is the core belief of … Continue reading

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Luke and Sarah, Sittin

Dave Deutsch writes: Although Springtime is the time for amour, astute Luke Ford readers can’t help but be aware that whatever the calendar may say, love is in the air. Not since a young Dan Quayle made his appearance on … Continue reading

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Jack Wertheimer Is Back

Rabbi Eytan Kobre writes for Cross-Currents: …JTS’s Jack Wertheimer is back on the attack against the non-Orthodox, this time with What Does Reform Judaism Stand For? in this month’s Commentary. Something must be done about that man, if only by … Continue reading

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