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Ohr Somayach’s hatred even of Modern Orthodox rabbis

David Kelsey emails: “You idiot! You moron. You katan. You cow. You idiot!” This is how Rabbi Orlofsky, a former NCSY leader and “kiruv professional” talks to his students at Ohr Somayach about Rabbi Weinreb, a scholar and a gentleman, … Continue reading

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Failed Messiah Profiled

Samuel G. Freedman writes in the New York Times: Leaders of the Chabad movement declined to speak on the record about Mr. Rosenberg, but in general, they say he has exaggerated the degree of messianism in the movement and that … Continue reading

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Rabbis in the News

NEW YORK (JTA) — Rabbi Avi Weiss, the founder of the liberal rabbinical school Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, will host a ceremony later this month for Sara Hurwitz, who currently holds the title “madricha ruchanit,” or spiritual mentor, at Weiss’ synagogue, … Continue reading

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James Kugel – Heretic?

Dr. Kugel, Bible scholar, was the target of a well-received (in Orthodox circles) pamphlets warning Orthodox parents about the dangers of sending their kids to secular universities. Anyone who thinks that Modernity and Orthodoxy are compatible is not Modernity and … Continue reading

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Kiddish Clubs & Jewish Drunkeness

Lisa Miller writes for Newsweek: It was a Saturday afternoon in July, and according to the police report, the young man was driving drunk. So drunk, in fact, that he drove into the oncoming lane, rolled his car, crashed into … Continue reading

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