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I Want To Reconnect With My UCLA Dorm Mates

I feel like if I can just reconnect with people from my past, I can heal the those years and move on with my life. I’m particularly eager to reconnect with people I knew during my brief sick year at … Continue reading

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Hindu Honeys

Khunrum emails: Indian chicks look great. I like them almost as much as I do Asians. BUT they tend to hang with Indian men. I rarely see a white guy with an Indian gal. Chaim Amalek emails: I know a … Continue reading

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Jewish Manners

I just put “Jewish manners” into Google and expected no results. I’ll never forget the shock of my first visit to a synagogue. Most of the people there were so short and ugly. They looked like they had just stepped … Continue reading

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‘The Shiksa Syndrome’

Via email, I interviewed author Laurie Graff via email about her new novel Shiksa Syndrome. * How did you choose this topic? Shiksa Syndrome’s been around a long time. I actually came up with it when I was acting and … Continue reading

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