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The Cult-Like Fervor Around Arianna & Barack Obama

From The Macho Response: "She could hardly have picked a more appropriate guru." — Ryan Tate, on The Huffington Post‘s Arianna Huffington, and her guru, John-Roger – who she sends her workers to for "training" – though he was described … Continue reading

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MSM Outlet Drops Pretense Of Neutrality

Mickey Kaus writes: Slate‘s quadrennial exercise proving that just because you’re open about it doesn’t mean it’s not embarrassing is up.  Slate is voting 55-1 for Obama over McCain, with one additional vote for Bob Barr. With those numbers, it’s getting hard … Continue reading

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Holy Dazed

From TJC: We interviewed Jewish celebrities ranging from Matisyahu to Ed Koch, plus editors at New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Radar, Esquire, and Gawker Media — in addition to up-and-coming comedians, stars, and more! Laugh out loud at the funny … Continue reading

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Emperor’s Club VIP

From the Huffington Post: Another prostitute who advertised online, is named Kristen and fits the physical description has denied she is the Kristen who met Spitzer on February 13. Meet the real Kristen here* Eliot Spitzer announced he was involved … Continue reading

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