MSM Outlet Drops Pretense Of Neutrality

Mickey Kaus writes:

Slate‘s quadrennial exercise proving that just because you’re open about it doesn’t mean it’s not embarrassing is up.  Slate is voting 55-1 for Obama over McCain, with one additional vote for Bob Barr. With those numbers, it’s getting hard to agree with founder Michael Kinsley:

No doubt it is true that most journalists vote Democratic, just as most business executives (including most media owners) vote Republican, though neither tendency is as pronounced as their respective critics believe.

Not "as pronounced" as our "critics believe"? You mean Sarah Palin thought it would be 56-1? How much more pronounced could it get? …

Memo to Don Graham: As long as we’re going with the O by a 55-1 margin, why not drop the now-ludicrous MSM-style pretense of non-partisanship and reap the financial rewards of partisanship that available on the Web– like, say, the Huffington Post? … P.S.: Slate itself is a bad name, in this respect, since it implies a blankness, a void of strong preferences that (fortunately) isn’t there. But I guess it’s too late to change that.

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