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Modesty In Blogging

Rabbi Gil Student writes: Regarding tzeni’us, however, I find the question perceptive. Tzeni’us is not just about how much skin a woman is showing. As R. Jack Abramowitz writes, in his recently published The Tzniyus Book (pp. 19-20): Literally, tzniyus … Continue reading

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The Ponzi Scheme In Orthodox Dating

From Hirhurim: R. Chananya Weissman takes on the "Ponzi scheme" solution to the Shidduch Crisis: link Philologos on the proper spelling of "meshugas": link College should only take three years: link Letters about Human Rights Watch, including from its chairwoman … Continue reading

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The Torah As Protest

Rabbi Gil Student writes: In R. Chaim Navon’s recent book Genesis and Jewish Thought (pp. 59-63), he notes that there are striking similarities and differences between the Torah’s creation story and that found in various ancient Near Eastern texts. His … Continue reading

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A Comic Book History Of Israel

Rabbi Gil Student writes: There is a new graphic novel about the history of the State of Israel titled Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel. The term "graphic novel" might make you think of a fancy comic … Continue reading

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Orthodox Jews Vs. Child Abuse

The New York Times reports: For decades, prosecutors in Brooklyn routinely pursued child molesters from every major ethnic and religious segment of the borough’s diverse population. Except one. Of some 700 child sexual abuse cases brought in an average year, … Continue reading

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