Modesty In Blogging

Rabbi Gil Student writes:

Regarding tzeni’us, however, I find the question perceptive. Tzeni’us is not just about how much skin a woman is showing. As R. Jack Abramowitz writes, in his recently published The Tzniyus Book (pp. 19-20):

Literally, tzniyus means "hidden." The meaning is that certain things are private. Not dirty or shameful, but private. Privacy is a good thing and an important thing…

Similarly, tzniyus means more than just the secular concepts of modesty and privacy. There are major aspects of modest and privacy to be sure, but tzniyus also includes an aspect of humility and an aspect of dignity. Tzniyus refers not only to dress, but also to speech, actions and comportment.

Tzeni’us is about acting dignified and keeping private matters private. Even if you sit in front of your computer with every single inch of your skin covered with baggy clothes, you can still act un-tzni’usdik if you broadcast private things to the world.


Do you really believe that there’s no such thing as too much sharing? Do you think it’s appropriate to present every part of your life to everyone you encounter?

If you put stuff in public fora that casts you in a poor light, there doesn’t need to be a malicious party out there for the information to hurt you. Do you really want prospective employers to google you and hear the details of your last date or silly party activities?

Jaded responds: I believe in honest lighting only.
If the details of my dates are intellectually stimulating, fascinating and exciting enough to write about, of course i would want prospective employers to read all about it.
Same goes for partying.
Proper partying in all the right venues is quite the art.

It also works nicely with the ex employers, so they know what they are missing out on.
How else do you expect to have the proper prospective employers pleading with you to come work for them.
serious prissy and goody goody gumdrops oriented is so last season.

EJ posts: I think tzniyus on a blog is much more than content, it’s also the style of writing or strutting or performing.There are many ways of drawing attention to oneself on a blog. One might be witty or have a writing style that draws people in and keeps them coming back. The same for tzniyus in women. One women could be wearing slacks and her hair uncovered and no one pays attention. The next women because of her femininity and natural sexuality could be draped from head to toe and guys will keep on looking.

If tzniyus is also anti styles that draw attention we are in unchartered waters. Is it forbidden to be virtuoso violinist,a stage performer? We are getting close to Taliban country where all is sand and desert.

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