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This Could Hurt Your Orthodox Marriage Prospects

Heshy Fried writes: Facebook: Unless you are a kiruv rabbi, you have no excuse to be on facebook. If you happen to be on facebook you may want to make sure that you are fans of gedolim and kosher Jewish … Continue reading

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Bad Rabbi

Nick Madigan writes for the Baltimore Sun: For more than half a century, Rabbi Jacob A. Max was a dominant figure in Baltimore’s Jewish community, founder of one of its most important synagogues, an influential leader who officiated at countless … Continue reading

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Avoiding Danger

Rabbi Gil Student writes: Because of this responsum’s importance, I would like to summarize its contents: Every person has an individual, set lifespan (cf. Ex. 23:26; Isa. 38:5; Ps. 39:5). This lifespan can be lengthened as a reward for doing … Continue reading

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