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What Do Single Orthodox Guys Like?

From FrumSatire: Stuff yeshivish single learning guys younger than 24 like

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What Women Want

Neil Strauss writes in The Game: "The right lifestyle is something that is worn, not discussed. Money, fame, and looks, though helpful, are not required. It is, rather, something that screams: Ladies, abandon your boring, mundane, unfulfilled lives and step … Continue reading

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Disturbing Dreams

 HollyRandall:  i had the most disturbing dream about you last night  Luzdedos1:  tell me more  HollyRandall:  i dreamt i was pregnant with your child  Luzdedos1:  hehe, why was that disturbing?  HollyRandall:  are you kidding?  HollyRandall:  well first of all i … Continue reading

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