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Life after vandalism

The JewishJournal.com right now features an all-time stupid headline — “Life after vandalism”. What’s next? Life after parking ticket? Life after flatulence? Life after chlamydia? Yeah, those poor Jewish kids at Calabassas High must be scared out of their minds. … Continue reading

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A Tale Of One Night Stands

I want to tell you about two of my female friends — one is a prude and one is a slut. The prude recently had her first one night stand of her life. The result? Her on the fence boyfriend … Continue reading

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My Medical Tests Came Back

Everything is normal except my triglycerides are a tad high (should be below 150 and they are 157), my HDL is a tad low (should be 40 or greater and is 35), and I have pre-diabetes. My fasting blood sugar … Continue reading

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