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Rabbis In Jeans

I just stepped outside my front door and across the street was the rabbi of a Conservative shul in Los Angeles. He wore blue jeans. It jarred me. I don’t think of rabbis as wearing jeans or telling dirty jokes … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High

At the end of the eight-part miniseries The Kennedys, he found himself leaning out of his chair, staring down at the ground, and saying one word — “Kendra!” He started when he said her name. He was not the type … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened To Deportment Among Conservative Rabbis?

Last week I wondered why the head of American Jewish University’s rabbinics program publishes photos of himself in jeans and a tye-dye t-shirt. Can you imagine Saul Lieberman doing that? I also wonder the Ziegler School of Rabbinics is run … Continue reading

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Absolute Civet Comes From A Dark Place

According to Rabbi Eidlitz’s book, "Is It Kosher?", Absolute Civet is secreted from a receptacle between the anus and the genitals of cats. Sounds yummy to me. I wonder how this miraculous flavoring material was discovered? According to this Oregon … Continue reading

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‘The Shiksa Syndrome’ II

Dec. 4. Watch here. Temple Israel (My previous interviews with Laurie.) Laurie: "I was talking to Luke Ford. He has a great blog. He was interviewing me for Good Frog. We were talking about stereotypes… You can identify. So much … Continue reading

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