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Have the Rabbis Ruined Judaism?

Aish Ha Torah. Los Angeles. 9100 Pico Blvd. 8 p.m. It’s a dark and lonely night. Let’s flash back to a dark and lonely morning almost 13 years ago. April 13, 1998. I am called in to meet with the … Continue reading

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Only The Non-Orthodox Hold Jewish Identity Conferences

Can you imagine Orthodox Jews holding Jewish identity conferences? It’s inconceivable. One of the great things about belonging to an authentic tradition, any authentic tradition, is that you know who you are. That the non-Orthodox keep talking about Jewish identity … Continue reading

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Jewish News

From Hirhurim: Bar-Ilan University launches Jewish education journal: link Englewood group, synagogue settle dispute: link Female rabbis find field still not level: link R. Eli Shulman (YU rosh yeshiva): Whats Wrong With Giving Women Semicha: link (audio) In Dispute Over … Continue reading

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Black Jewish Relations

Here’s a report on a former Los Angeles rabbi (at the Conservative shul near LAX) and a very sweet man: "I am over the moon. I’ve never been happier." That’s Rabbi Michael Beals, of Congregation Beth Shalom, on Barack Obama … Continue reading

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The Kosher Toilet

Dr. Marc Shapiro blogs: …Yated Neeman has never been interested in truth or intellectual honesty, but in pushing a religio-political agenda, and therefore not only do they refuse to print such corrections of their gedolim, but they have even published … Continue reading

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