Only The Non-Orthodox Hold Jewish Identity Conferences

Can you imagine Orthodox Jews holding Jewish identity conferences? It’s inconceivable. One of the great things about belonging to an authentic tradition, any authentic tradition, is that you know who you are.

That the non-Orthodox keep talking about Jewish identity shows how unmoored they are.

Where would an Orthodox Jew find the time to worry about his identity? Orthodoxy has so many more ritual and study requirements than non-Orthodox Judaism, it is a much more expensive life (paying for Jewish day schools, getting holidays off work, etc), there is no time for this existential angst. Staying busy saves you from a lot of tsures.

Now, you may argue that non-Orthodox Judaism has all the expense, ritual and study requirements of Orthodox Judaism. In theory, maybe, but in real life, there’s no comparison. Orthodox Jews overwhelmingly send their kids to Orthodox day schools while non-Orthodox Jews overwhelmingly send their kids to public schools. Orthodox Jews are far more likely to be literate in Jewish text and to sacrifice more for their religion.

From The Jerusalem Post:

But then a session with secular journalist Dov Elboim and religious Zionist Rabbi Benny Lau found the two educators with different views uniting in their complaints about the haredim. Livni then joined them on stage and issued more complaints.

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