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Ayn Rand?

Charles emails: Orit Arfa seems very nice, but Ayn Rand? Those books made there way around the dorm in yeshiva in Brooklyn and you could always tell who was reading them because they got better posture and wouldn’t talk to … Continue reading

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Is Bible Scholar James Kugel A Heretic?

Daniel writes on Hirhurim: Some comments seemed to indicate that Professor Kugel is Shomer Mitzvos. However, if he does not believe in Torah min HaShamayim, then I do not see how he can fully believe (if at all) that the … Continue reading

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Shaking Hands With Women

Many Orthodox Jewish men will not touch women (outside of their spouse and immediate family). I shake hands with women but I don’t enjoy it. Reuven posts: Around 2003 there was that "Ethicist" (Randy Cohen) article about that woman who … Continue reading

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Davening With The Stars

I’m live on my cam: MrGorsky:  You look different guest4:  shavua tov MrGorsky:  Like a Russian peasant circa 1914 guest4:  how was your kiddush? YourMoralLeader:  thank you YourMoralLeader:  hi gina YourMoralLeader:  it was pretty bad guest4:  mine was s**tty too … Continue reading

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