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Founder Of Aish HaTorah Dies

Aish HaTorah is the most significant outreach organization for Orthodox Judaism (along with Chabad). They are a machine. They bring people in, they love them, and they help them rebuild their lives in the light of the Torah. And this … Continue reading

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Fast Called For Sunday

Over the past few months, three men (in their fifties or younger) in Rav Gershon Bess‘s shul at 7211 Beverly Blvd have died suddenly and unexpectedly. A month ago, Dr. Joel Schwartz died at his daughter’s wedding. A few months … Continue reading

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Joel Schwartz Dies

He was a doctor. He collapsed and died at his daughter’s wedding Sunday. He was buried Monday. He was a regular at Aish HaTorah for many years. He opened his home to dozens of visitors including myself.. About a year … Continue reading

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‘Kagan’s Superfecta’

I was walking home from shul on a Friday night about six weeks ago. I was passing Aish HaTorah on Pico Blvd, headed east. I was stopped by a couple from New Jersey. They were looking for Shiloh’s restaurant for … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn From Christians?

I’m not sure. Judaism is a very different religion. Orthodox Judaism in particular is a highly demanding way of life. Sure, groups such as the Happy Minyan and Aish HaTorah can make the medicine of fundamental Jewish life go down … Continue reading

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