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Interpretative Dance

I started with a new therapist this week. "I want to do an interpretative dance about my childhood," I said. "OK," she said. I stood up tall and then threw my hands above my head to stop the beating. I … Continue reading

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Danit Brown – ‘Ask For A Convertible’

We did this via email. Check out Danit’s website here. Check out these interviews with the author of "Ask For A Convertible." * How does it affect your happiness level, whether you are living in the US or Israel? For … Continue reading

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Trading Emotional Heroin For Sexual Cocaine

Nathan writes: The first year of life is (ideally) about unconditional love. But note what this turns into: the mood swings of "the terrible twos." The next stage is about conditional love – which tends to lead to greater emotional … Continue reading

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