Angry Black Man shoves bag of feces down woman’s shorts on Upper East Side, runs away

Chaim Amalek writes: “The Daily News article states what we can see – the suspect is black. Gawker lifts the article, provides the same identifying information, but then strips out the suspect’s race. Possibly because, as we all know, race is just a social construct, and only racists notice race.”

New York Daily News: His hands were clean — but he’s pure filth.

A gloved human piece of crap shoved a bag of poop down a woman’s shorts as she walked along an Upper East Side street, cops said Wednesday.

The disgusting act was caught on surveillance video, and police say the man and his 27-year-old victim are apparent strangers.

The video shows the woman walking outside an apartment building on E. 74th St. near First Ave. at about 6 p.m. Monday. The man follows her, then crouches for a second and reaches into her waistband, grabbing her buttocks as he slams the feces into her shorts, cops said. Police said they had not determined the source of the excrement.

The man pushes her into a nearby driveway as she struggles to get away and figure out what he did to her. The sicko then stretches his arms, pulls off a glove and flings it into the street before running away.

Felix Martinez, 46, said the horrified woman ran into the parking garage where he works.

“She couldn’t speak. ” he said. “She was shaking. She couldn’t even call 911. She tried twice.”

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